Touch trains 3D for Infant

Touch trains 3D for Infant
(1300 total ratings on Google Play)
monois Inc. / Education
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(1300 total ratings on Google Play)


Touch trains 3D - Funny educational App for Baby & Infant

Touch trains 3D is an intellectual education app for young kids.

A local train and a limited express begin to run by easy operation!
It is a pleasant application which both the small children and adults can play innocently.
If a screen is traced, a track can be drawn and a train will begin to run it!

It is the new feeling which is run to the traced portion!

If a right-hand side train mark button is pushed after running a train, it will change to train viewpoint mode. It is dynamic!

Please play in child mode with few buttons to a small child.

The child from about 3 years old is good to challenge adult mode.

In adult mode, a "go button", a "viewpoint go button", and a "zoom button" are added.
And a map can be freely gone back and forth, or a viewpoint can be changed and a track can be drawn from various angles.

There are a lot of various mechanisms!

The train may be added while playing?
Please play every day!

********** How to play **********

- If a screen is traced, a track can be drawn and a train will begin to run it.
- The button of the train mark of the screen right is in train viewpoint mode. A viewpoint comes to follow a train.
- It can stop by pushing purple x button to stop train viewpoint mode.
- A viewpoint is changeable if a screen is traced at the time of train viewpoint mode. The train which is running can be seen from various angles.
- Please push the arrow button in the upper and lower sides of x button to change a viewpoint to the train which is different when two or more trains are run.
- There are "child mode" for small children and "adult mode" which an adult can also enjoy.
- In "adult mode", there are map movement, change of a camera angle, and a function of zoom.
- You can do the switching of "child mode", "adult mode" by pressing the button on the controller of the top-left.
- Trash button at the upper left of a screen can erase the track drawn once.
- The Button in the upper right corner of the screen is a menu button. I can display items on the menus.
- Other apps are introduction of pleasant applications other than touch trains 3D.

*Please make sure to check all terms and Service before using.
When you download this application, it is assumed that you agree to all terms and Service.
Monois End User License Agreement: http://monois.com/EULA/en.html

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