Racing Game

Racing Game
(4000 total ratings on Google Play)
TheInvader360 / Racing
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(4000 total ratings on Google Play)


Car Game is a very simple casual game available for free on Android.

Tilt your phone left and right to steer the car.
Avoid going off road - the grass slows you down!
Finish in the best time possible and beat the level record!
Unique level generated every time you play :)

You cannot lose this game, you will always reach the finish line, but how quickly you get there depends on your skill! Ideal game for young children, or in my case a ''grownup'' who''s not all that grown up and likes to kill time playing silly phone games :)

If your child loves car games, or you love retro 80s and 90s games, you should definitely try this!


Making this basic car game was a personal learning exercise for me. I kept it simple enough to ensure I could actually get something to a finished enough state that it could be uploaded to Google Play. The lessons I have learnt will allow me to go on and work on a more ambitious project next time - maybe a mario style platform game, maybe a less casual racing game, maybe a doom style first person shooter, or maybe another casual time killing game, I don''t know yet...

If you are interested in making your own games, and would like to read about the process I went through, I published a worklog here - http://theinvader360.blogspot.co.uk.

If you think the graphics/sound/music/whatever needs improving, and you have skills in that area, you are welcome to get in touch and submit improvements that I could include in future updates - that would be so much nicer than just complaining and leaving a one star review :)

Play this racing game for free today! I hope you have fun!

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