(2900 total ratings on Google Play)
Stereomood Android / Music
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(2900 total ratings on Google Play)


Stereomood now on your mobile or tablet. Feeling happy, sad or lost in Jamaica? With the click of a button you’ll have a ready-made playlist for every time in your life: choose your mood from our stereotags, listen, discover new music, tag and share your emotions in music. Bring the Stereomood experience always with you!

Hundreds mood-based playlists that pool the best independent music from top music blogs and artist submission. Each playlist is generated from tags and users’ preferences and changes every day.

Discover more info about the artist (tablet only) and see the source of the track by tapping the info button or the album cover.

Tag each song by mood, helping to build the coolest community of emotional-based music.
Love your favorite tracks and share them with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

If you really love a track, you can buy it on Amazon.

Demo video here:
Android mobile - http://youtu.be/zB997uKGrkg
Android tablet - http://youtu.be/2_1wIFb24Go


✓ register and listen for free
✓ listen to over 100 mood playlists
✓ share your mood and music with your friends on Facebook and Twitter
✓ tag the songs by mood, helping us to build the mood based playlists
✓ discover new artists through your mood
✓ discover your emotional profile of the week by clicking on "my mood" filter
✓ send us your photo, we''ll bring your photo to life, every week
✓ if you find ads annoying buy us a coffee and get rid of them
✓ artist bio (tablet only)



TechCrunch: “Stereomood is an alternative, serendipitous method of discovering fresh sounds from the top 150 music blogs from across the web, the perfect accompanying soundtrack, or whatever your activity or mood may be.”

Lifehacker “I''m a fan of Stereomood, because sometimes it''s nice to just pick how you''re feeling and have it queue up a nice long playlist.”

Forbes “Stereomood is the mood ring of Internet music applications. Not only do you get songs to match what you feel, but you get to discover new music in the process.”

PcMag “In terms of audio, Stereomood gets the job done. All but the most hardened audiophiles will enjoy crisp audio that it delivers; the highs and lows sounded good”

Gizmodo “True to Stereomood’s philosophy of mood over genre, there were artists that didn’t line up on the punk axis, but totally fit the vibe of the playlist”

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