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(430 total ratings on Google Play)


GeoCam by Wazar is the leading geophoto and video application for Android. It uses augmented reality to show on top of your camera a layer of geographical information such as Compass orientation, GPS position and different phone inclinations like a theodolite optical instrument.

Android 4 users: if you get a FC on startup, please turn off hardware acceleration from your setting. A fix has been made and is being tested for the next release.

What you can do with GeoCam:
* GeoCaching: prepare a list of key places in an area and view them with your camera on augmented reality: name, distance. You will not require a data connection offline so it can be used when hiking abroad, when visiting another city... This will help you make sure you are going in the right direction and give you remaining distance. You can also add markers during your hike with the "Add here" option, for example to flag the base camp, a water source, or anything interesting you find on your way.
* GeoPictures: an original way of storing your holiday photo album. See all you pictures on Google Maps or on Google Earth on your personal computer with the export feature. Add markers with your comments on places you liked. You can share those albums with anyone who can run Google Earth, and use the EXIF GPS data stored by GeoCam to view them with any EXIF compatible application.
* GeoVideos: the first app to let you record videos with an embed layer of geographical data. A useful addition to pictures.
* Bearings: GeoCam is an accurate measure tool. It shows your compass orientation (choose between magnetic or geographic North), your inclination and elevation with readable cursors (like a cockpit HUD). It can be used in terrain mapping, on a glide, sailing, mountain biking...
* Measurements: Evaluate the distance to any object with the triangulation feature. You can also measure its height once the distance is known. This is not done by showing any unreadable cursor on the screen, but with mathematical formulas. Choose between metric and imperial measure systems.

This is a free edtition, but with GeoCam Pro, you get:
* No Ads
* Record and playback augmented video. This is a powerful tool in addition to geophoto to record the topology of any area for further reference, as you can add your own audio commentary. Augmented video is an exclusivity of GeoCam by Wazar.
* Export KMZ files to Google Earth, to display your pictures and markers in their original location and orientation, and share them easily.

If for some reason this does not work on your device, best is to contact me by email so that I can fix any issues. I won''t be able to help if you do not get in touch.

* If you do not get a GPS signal, try opening Google Maps and wait for it to update satellites (until you get a fine location and the GPS icon stops blinking) then restart GeoCam. If Google Maps cannot get a GPS signal, make sure your device GPS is enabled (Settings - Location)

* If you like the app, please rate it :)

* When a picture is saved, it''s path Alias is displayed. It starts with ''external\''. When looking for it, ''sdcard\DCIM\Camera'' is a good place to start.

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