Virtual Pet Care 2

Virtual Pet Care 2
(2600 total ratings on Google Play)
Nealo Inc. / Casual
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(2600 total ratings on Google Play)


☼ The Sequel to My Virtual Pet Care has finally arrived! Get your very own Virtual Pet TODAY! ☼

Have you ever fancied your own virtual pet? With this cute little fellow you''ll get your very own pet to care for - feed it, put it to sleep, make it go on the potty etc. Customize your pet by purchasing various items with an in-game currency that is earned by playing mini-games. If you care for your pet well it will grow up and get bigger!

Practice your memory and motoric skills by playing mini-games, where you also can earn coins that can be used to purchase new stuff! It''s a win-win solution, no in-app purchases or anything, everything is available for free!

My Virtual Pet Care 2 is a great experience for all ages and can keep you and your friends entertained for hours. Did you play with a tamagotchi when you were young and would like something similar? Get your own virtual pet today!


♦ Cute HD graphics
♦ In-game shop with plenty of items to purchase and equip
♦ Fun mini-games, for example jumping game, memory game, running game and snake.
♦ Notifications, can notify you when your pet needs to sleep, pou, eat etc
♦ Animated face expression makes the pet feel alive and sometimes look hilarious
♦ You can name your pet whatever you''d like
♦ Uses the internal clock for aging and the pet''s needs

The music used in My Virtual Pet Care 2 was created by a good friend of mine who goes under the name Silvae

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