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All Chilean newspapers in one place. El Mercurio, La Tercera and several more. Diaries Iquique, Santiago de Chile, La Serena, Viña del Mar and the rest of the country. All Independent Zoom.

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New features in version 4.0 of Neonews

New Name:
"Newspapers" is now called "Neonews" simply because we imagine a future with more than just ''Newspapers''.

Logo Changed:
The new logo try to indicate our Idea of what Neonews is: a Tool to save as ''bookmarks'', Favourite or similar, all the news sites we follow.

Favourites as single tab:
Now only the favourites tab appears to show only news sites that the user chose.

Easy way to remove Favourites:
The way to remove favourites has changed. Sliding the favorite to remove, from left to right, can remove easily and intuitively.

Neonews search:
Neonews search has many new features that will detail below.
 * Tab "World" - Search news sites from a lot of countries: Now Neonews search let find news sites from others countries, allowing select News WebSites as fovourites from differents regions around the World. The search allows you to use more than one word to narrow the search of Websites News, so you can group in your favourites, all news sites in the country you want.
 * Tab "Local" - Grouping of news sites by region: Now, the Playlists tab, formerly the home screen, move to the Search section, to centralize configuration searches and favourites, from a single place. The navigation of the regions was improved to allow view all news sites from a single screen.
 * Tab "Top Ranking" - Favourite Neonews community: From here you can see the top 5 of your region more News Sites selected as favourites, as well as the top 10 news sites worldwide. This tab also lets you choose from this list new favourites that are of interest.
 * Suggest diary: From the Browser, it could suggest a diary, stating which country belonged, thus making possible the suggestion of a news site than the country that owns your Neonews.

Navigation - Browser:
We implement a new way to browse your favourites websites from the slideshow-menu. That allows you to navigate them without having to return to the Favourite list screen.

Downloadable Videos:
Previous versions did not allow watch videos from the browser. Fixed!

Tablet Version:
Now also supports Neonews ''native'' from Tablets, enabling you to exploit the width of the tablet in a more intelligent and comfortable.


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