Kids Coloring, Paint & Draw

Kids Coloring, Paint & Draw
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Kids Coloring, Paint & Draw
Who doesn’t remember coloring as a child?

Now, this kids favourite past time is available to you anytime, anywhere!
With Kids Coloring, Paint & Draw, we’re bringing this timeless classic into the 21st century.
Finding paper and colouring canvas for your kids to do is always a major problem especially if you’re on the go. The need for things to keep your children occupied is always present. However, video games and other activities provided to youngsters these days are filled with violence and the fast paced action artwork that can actually lead to shorter attention spans in kids. Why settle for violent video games that are full of flashy animations? Games that require no creativity or attention to detail. Instead, have your children enjoy the fun of your childhood by engaging them in Painting, minus the need for paper, canvas and crayons!

Harken back to your childhood and introduce some good old fashioned coloring fun into your child’s life. Not only is drawing a safe and engaging past time, it also engages the child’s imagination, creativity and intellect. It teaches children to match colors and pay attention to detail. It requires them to stay focused on a single task; something that is sadly lacking in activities offered to children these days.

Kids Coloring, Paint & Draw is chock full of useful canvas and exciting features! With a wide selection of templates and emboss colors to choose from, kids can spend countless hours engaging painting their creativity by paint different scenes to their hearts content. No need for messy crayons and wasting paper, Kids Coloring, Paint & Draw is available to your children anytime, anywhere. Need to send grandma a picture of your child’s latest masterpiece? Worry no more. Unlike many other painting applications that do not have a way to export your child’s work of canvas, Kids Coloring, Paint & Draw has a nifty email feature that makes sending your favourite artwork to others as simple as the touch of a button.
You can post your artwork to google +™ or facebook™ or share with instagram™ or other apps or savet hem to your gallery.
Use junior’s artwork as your wallpaper, send godparents a thoughtful painting artwork, the possibilities are endless with Kids Coloring.
Over 100 unique pictures from great artist!

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