Family Location Tracking

Family Location Tracking
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My child is a child''s real-time location services to determine where you are, and for the safe zone entry and departure areas registered information.

Parents can register their children, and many of the positions of all children can be found on the map in real time.

WIFI GPS with confidence regions and confidence regions separated by registered, you can register your child is entering or leaving the area with confidence when you can get push notifications.

Between parents and children support group chat and one-on-one chat.

The event of an emergency SOS feature allows both parents and children registered with a text message you can send push notifications.

Reserve position of notifications on scheduled days and times your child''s location information.

I''m Here feature allows users to their position can be shared by various methods.

QRCODE, WIFI, SMS, using KakaoTalk the relationship between you and your child secure.

Processing technology, the latest GPS location and more accurate, but at least use the battery.

We implement the latest management techniques to push the message is not lost.

In utilizing this service eliminates the need for a separate registration process and no personal information is not leaked or stored outside.

▌ How to use
1. Children and parents phone phones [our kids location] App installed
2. Parents register their children in the phone (if your child is running, app phones can be registered to be more precise)
3. Have queries about the safe zone in the edit screen of your child, you can register your safe zone.
4. Have information edit screen, you can register for notification of location reservation.
5. Chat in the main screen, press the Menu key, SOS, I''m Here, you can use the app recommendation feature.
6. Children and chat, SOS, I''m Here, App referrals made ​​easier through the widget capabilities.

▌ Key Features
► All registered children''s real-time positioning and tracking (widget Support)
► Children entering the safe zone, leaving push notifications
► Provide position query history for children (widget Support)
► Group chat and one-on-one chat available (widget Support)
► SOS function (widget support)
► Reservation notification support position
► Location sharing function (widget support)
► QRCODE, WIFI, SMS, using KakaoTalk child registration
► For improving the accuracy of the location of the child phone WIFI Remote On, Off function
► Have the phone''s status information (battery status, whether phone use) provides

▌ Improve location accuracy
1. Does not have a WIFI AP WIFI connection and turn on just by putting the location accuracy is improved greatly.
2. If the position error is large children''s children phone phone, please check the following points.
- Make sure WIFI is off
- WIFI turns off automatically if the [Home> Menu key (Settings)> Wireless & networks (WIFI)> MENU key (Advanced)> Sleep Mode off
3. Children need to turn on the GPS in phones modest can determine the location of the error.
- Have the phone''s GPS is turned on, the meter can be found in a very precise location.

※ If you update a Kitkat (4.4) can be initialized in the device OS "position mode" setting. Please check that it is set to "sleep mode" or "high accuracy" mode where if a query is location location accuracy is falling or not.

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