Cashflow (Free)

Cashflow (Free)
(570 total ratings on Google Play)
NDL Inc / Finance
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(570 total ratings on Google Play)


Cashflow is an easy to use basic checkbook register. Using this application as a personal account ledger will allow users to track running, ending, and current balances for multiple accounts. This is a very useful tool for users that wish to project their cash flow by entering future transactions into their register.

This application is perfect for users that want to get rid of their manual checkbook register. Unlike other applications on the market, this application sends no personal data over the internet. No account numbers, user names, or passwords are required for use. All information is stored on your phone.

Cashflow allows users to specify a variety of account types that can be used to filter the account list to only show a subset of the accounts being tracked. Users may also enter scheduled transactions that can be set to appear automatically in the register on an interval, or specific day of the month. Users that keep a register for multiple accounts will appreciate the ability to enter a single transfer transaction that will enter a corresponding transaction automatically into the account specified to transfer money to/from. Users preferring a different look can change the appearance of the application to display black letters on a white background as opposed to the default white on black style.

Cashflow offers several features that make it valuable to users outside of the United States. User s can add their own currencies and associate each account with a different currency. Likewise, users have the ability to change the format for how dates are displayed within the app. Dates can be displayed as M/D/Y, D/M/Y, or Y/M/D.

Cashflow also offers users the ability to backup their data to a SD card, as well as the ability to email that file off of the device for safekeeping should the phone be lost, damaged, or reset.

Paid users are provided with several exclusive features;
* No advertisements
* Home screen widget
* Password protection
* Ability to search transactions
* Ability to export transactions to a CSV file
* No usage tracking

Password protection is enabled by either fully exiting the application by pressing the back key, or after five minutes of inactivity.

A full change log is available both on our website and inside the app. If you have any problems or feedback, please email us so that we can address your issue. We appreciate comments and feedback left on our app, but Google does not offer us a sufficient means to respond to those comments. If you need assistance, please contact us at at this email address: support@ndl.cc

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