Crazy Concert: Tap and Slice

Crazy Concert: Tap and Slice
(660 total ratings on Google Play)
Nexus Pixels Entertainment Studio / Action, Arcade
Downloads: 100k
(660 total ratings on Google Play)


★★★★★ Best new music game ever! with 30 music available to be played! Tap and Slice your way to stardom because the coolest music game is now here!

You are an aspiring musician and you''re having your own concert! Meet the cute and charming Aya as she introduce you to the world of music and fame. Get Crazy in the outer space for Crazy Concert!

Enjoy Taping and Slicing your favorite Rock, Anime, Pop, Techno, Trance, Jazz, Drum and Bass, House, Ballad, RNB, RPG and many many more! It''s fun, addicting and easy to learn.

Feed your mind because this game is just right for you!

★ Cool music to choose from
-Includes 30 different sound tracks. Select from music genres like rock, anime, pop, theme, RPG music etc. Plus more in full version.

★ Gain fans
-Gain more and more fans as you finish each music concert.

★ Advance your career
-Start your career from a performer to the highest music legend you can be.

★ Free play mode
-Accept concert requests from fans in different countries around the world.

★ Tour mode
-Unlock different concert tours as you play this mode plus more in full version.

★ Tap and Slice difficulties
-Select your desired Slice or Tap difficulty plus more in full version.

★ Row option
-Select from 2,3 and 4 rows

★ Speed option
-Select from your desired speed of the game.

★ Tap and Slice controller
-Be a hero and master your concert moves as you control the tap and slice percentage on each performance.

★ Super synchronized performance
-Play music as drummer, guitarist, pianist etc in sync''d gameplay! More in full version.

★ Beat the best score and rank
-Beat your friends'' or own score as you advance your career!

Music tracks included:
★ Destiny''s Heart
★ Glorious Town
★ Candy World
★ Run with Me
★ Turbulence
★ Phoenix the Immortal Soul
★ Afterwar
★ Touch Down
★ 7 Ninja
★ Rataliation of the Unkind
★ Zero Gravity Fame
★ Meltdown
★ The Lord of Slayers
★ You are my Armor
★ Order of Aeon
★ Another Age
★ Even a Hero Falls
★ Camera Man
★ Undying Souls
★ Legion of Terror
★ Battle to Eternity
★ Pandemonium Tower
★ Birth of Heroes
★ Memory of Illusion
★ Hymn of Souls
★ Art of Promise
★ Iron Divine Hope
★ Battle of Heroes
★ Dodge my Blade
★ A Hero''s Story

Game Play
- Like dance dance revolution on Playstation, stepmania and bigbang shake, You need to focus on the running down objects (arrows and beads), hitting them on the right time will give you combos. Play beginner mode for tutorial.

- Compatible with almost all android devices including Samsung Galaxy s3, IMPORTANT: some lower android versions have problems. You need to update your android version.

Full version
- Enjoy this version while we''re still waiting for Philippines to be part of supported locations for merchants.

- Full version includes more music, features and ads free though you may disconnect from the internet to disable ads in this version.

keywords: miku flick, tap, revenge, beat, piano, music, revolution, rhythmn, mania, maniax, guitar, hero, instrument, dance, crazy, concert, slice, rythmn, rythme, drums, sonic, step, free, k-pop, finger, guitar hero, pinoy, filipino

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