Nitrome Touchy

Nitrome Touchy
(2000 total ratings on Google Play)
Nitrome / Entertainment
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(2000 total ratings on Google Play)


Nitrome Touchy allows you to play browser games on your computer with your smartphone as the controller.

Play Nitrome games at www.nitrome.com and enjoy a proper console full screen experience. Download the app for free and play Super Snotput, Swindler and the multi-player game Double Edged and see for yourself!

Unlock more than 20 games with one small in app purchase and you smartphone becomes a steering wheel, a Wii Motion plus like controller, a dynamically changing game pad and we''re only just getting started!

Play with your friends for some Multi-player action, no expensive console controllers needed. Just you and your smartphone!

The games so far...
Super Snotput
Magic Touch
Swindler - The Great Drop''n'' Roller
Double Edged
Flash Cat
Thin Ice
Worm Food
Mega Mash
Off The Rails
Swindler 2
Bad Ice-Cream
Bad Ice-Cream 2
Twin Shot 2
BC Bow Contest
Super Stock Take
Test Subject Blue
Test Subject Green
Test Subject Complete
Test Subject Arena
Colour Blind

Some gamers reviews so far...

Nitrome touchy - (5 Stars)
by Dilly burger 5453 on Saturday, November 17 2012
Awesome! This app is a must have!

This is amazing - (5 Stars)
by tns thees on Tuesday, November 13 2012 version 1.5
This is the most futuristic thing I have seen; Otis like something from a science fiction movie!!!!

Best idea EVER!! - (5 Stars)
by Dusty43 on Friday, November 09 2012
I love this app using my laptop Like it''s a TV I''m playing my ps3 on is Brilliant
And it has some of your best games on it!

Soooo Cool - (5 Stars)
by Willy :-) on Friday, November 09 2012
Amazing. Controls are so smooth and creative and great for multiplayer ^_^

Awesome - (5 Stars)
by Norman the dhfdj on Thursday, November 15 2012
I really enjoy playing on this. I payed the 5 bucks and its fantastic.

Love it Nitrome! - (5 Stars)
by Westbrook1 on Monday, November 12 2012
Truly genius idea, Nitrome! Been playing your games for years and when this came out I tried super snot put, liked it, and bought the rest without much of a thought! Can''t wait for the new games!

Great - (5 Stars)
by Jtw98 on Sunday, November 11 2012
Totally worth the money highly recommend.

AWESOME!!!!!!! - (5 Stars)
by Vervfvfyyvgubhubhibhu on Saturday, November 10 2012 version 1.5
This app is coolest ever! You can play with some of your friends on some games too. You should really get this app!

Must play - (5 Stars)
by Nitrome lova on Friday, November 09 2012
You need to play this.

Awsome! - (5 Stars)
by Scotty Cummings on Wednesday, November 07 2012
This is the best app ever!! The combination of nitrome and iPods is what set this over the edge! Keep it up nitrome!

EPIC - (5 Stars)
by Polleo8976 on Wednesday, November 07 2012
Wish I could give infinite stars

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