AirStream: Stream PC on mobile

AirStream: Stream PC on mobile
(3000 total ratings on Google Play)
Nityaa Labs (Nityaa Technosys Pvt Ltd) / Entertainment
Downloads: 100k
(3000 total ratings on Google Play)


With AirStream, stream movies, music, photos and files from your Computer & cloud apps on your mobile phones and tablets. Join over hundred''s of thousands of Airstream users and download free Airstream for fun and some serious entertainment.

With AirStream it is absolute fun sharing media & accessing files from PC on Android Devices- imagine able to access GB''s of videos, photos, music and files from your PC or laptop instantly on your Android phone or Tablet. Take High quality videos and incredible sound from your PC wherever you go. Just make sure your computer & mobile are on the same wifi network. You get to browse your entire computer and stream all your favorite movies and media..

AirStream also provides access to multiple cloud apps like Dropbox & Google Drive. That''s right, on a single app you get access to your PC, Dropbox & Google Drive. Enjoy!!!

PC-Support: AirStream supports PC, MAC or linux. AirStream also works over 3G/4G, however this feature is still in Beta. In some network it might give a problem. We are working on it and a new solution is coming soon.

To use AirStream, install the Desktop Client for PC, Mac & Windows from here - http://airstream.io/download/

New Updates:
+ New walkthrough and setup screens for better understanding
+ Cloud and Photo sections
+ UI and flow refinement for better experience
+ Bug Fixes

1. Install AirStream-Suite on your PC or Laptop from here: http://airstream.io/download/
2. Allow AirStream-Suite through your PC/Mac firewall settings
3. Login into AirStream app & AirStream-Suite using the same credentials. Hit ''Retry''
4. You can also ''Skip Login'' if your Wifi is not connected to internet.
5. Long press files & folders to copy to SDCard, add music to playlists and to bookmark Videos

Recommendation for Video player:
1. Use MX Player to support all major video formats

Follow Us On:
1. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/airstream.io
2. Twitter: @askAirStream

We have tons of movies, songs & photos stored in our computers and there is no way we can watch them on Mobile devices. And our current options limit us. With AirStream you can stream & access media from Computers on Mobile devices. If you are accessing your computer on same Home-Wifi network, streaming won''t consume your Internet. To use AirStream, login from mobile app & PC app using the same credentials, AirStream will connect to your PC/Mac or Linux automatically.

♬ Features:
• Stream Movies and Music.
• Create music playlist for music stored in your computers
• Copy files from PC to your Mobile Phones and Tablets without the hassle of wires
• Automatically connects to computers in your network - support for Windows, Mac & Linux
• Restrict access to your Personal files from PC

1. For AirStream to work please install AirStream-Suite on your computer from here: http://airstream.io/download/
2. We came to know that many users are facing problems with streaming .avi files. We recommend you to use MXPlayer as your default video player - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mxtech.videoplayer.ad
3. Some antivirus/internet security programs/firewall can wrongly detect server application as a security threat. Please add AirStream-Suite as a trusted application in such programs.
4. Internet Bandwidth is used ONLY for Registration, Login and accessing computer over 3G, 4G, etc.
5. If you are accessing over Home-Wifi or WLAN, streaming would be very fast & won''t consume Internet.
6. If you don''t wish to Login, you can access PC via "Skip Login" option.

Please get back to us at contactus@nityaalabs.com for anything, we will immediately answer your queries.

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