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Find My Friends
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(970 total ratings on Google Play)


NOTE: To use Find My Friends, your device must have the Google Maps and Google Play apps installed. Moreover, both you AND your friends (with whom you wish to exchange locations) must have the app installed and logged in to at least a social network.

Find My Friends allows you to exchange REAL-TIME locations on Google maps with your friends. Location exchange is visible only to you and your selected friends. The app''s unique feature is that supports four different contact domains; your Facebook/Google+ friends, your phone/tablet contacts and your LinkedIn connections. And because of that, you neither have to send any invites to your friends, nor to create an account! The moment you launch Find My Friends, you may directly exchange locations with any of your friends. ;-)

To exchange locations with a friend from a social network, follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Open Find My Friends and select with whom you wish to exchange locations. A notification will be sent to the selected contact.
2. Wait until your friend also opens the app, and selects you to exchange his/her location.
3. As soon as a connection is established, both of you will be able to see and track each others location on Google maps.

We have developed a technique that allows seamless location exchange using all user social network profiles. Assuming that a user has logged in to Facebook, Google+, and Linkedin with Find My Friends, then others can ask for his/her location via any of these networks. For example, if you and your friend login to Facebook, Google+, and Linkedin with Find My Friends, then you can ask for his location by selecting his/her Facebook profile, and he can ask for yours via your Google+ profile.

You can also use Find My Friends to send constantly your location to close contacts (e.g. family members, spouse, good friends) even when you do not run the app.

The app is useful in cases, such as:
* Find a friend / family member in case you lost each other.
* Show to a friend / family member where you are, so they can find you.
* Get help from a friend / family member to reach your destination with real-time instructions.

When you install Find My Friends for the first time, you can use all of its features for 10 days. After than, you can purchase a subscription extension by 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. A valid subscription provides access to:

1. Unlimited location sharing with all your contacts on the map.
2. Exchange unlimited messages.
3. See the current address of all your friends on the map.
4. Send on the background your location to all selected close contacts.
5. Access waypoints that friends send you.
6. Send instantly your current location either on the map or as a waypoint.

For any questions, please contact us at info@nliteapps.com.

Permissions usage (Please read also our privacy policy):
"Find accounts on the device": detect whether you have a Google+ account, in order to be able to +1 this app.
"Read your contacts": be able to read your phone/tablet contacts, so you can import them.
"View network connections / Full network access": check that your internet connection is functional, since otherwise the app cannot work.
"Use accounts on the device": ask authentication tokens from the official Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter pages.
"Directly call phone numbers": place a direct call when tapping on the phone icon of a phone/tablet contact that you have imported.
"Precise location / Approximate location": pinpoint your location and exchange it with the contacts you select.
"External storage": save a backup of your contacts, in case you wish to migrate the app to a new device.
"Wifi/network state": inform user if the internet connection is ok
"Start on boot": if close contacts are enabled by the user, notify him/her that location transmission has started.
"Set alarm": if close contacts are enabled by the user, transmit periodically his/her location.
"Google Cloud Messaging": to exchange notifications among users.

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