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PONS Vocabulary Trainer
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(900 total ratings on Google Play)


PONS.eu Vocabulary Trainer
– the Vocabulary Trainer App that remembers the words you’ve looked up!

At last you can integrate the words you’ve looked up in the dictionary into your active vocabulary. Use your time on the move effectively - in a waiting room or at the bus stop, for example. With this app you can collect and practise the vocabulary you need wherever and whenever you wish!

Who is this app for?

It’s ideal for all learners of foreign languages who want to practise their vocabulary while on the move. With this app you can use the PONS Vocabulary Trainer on the road and at home. It’s simple: just transfer the vocabulary that you downloaded or practised while travelling, to your computer when you sign in at home.

What can this Vocabulary Trainer do?

• It collects the words you look up in the PONS.eu online dictionaries. So, you only learn the vocabulary that you need.
• You can add any vocabulary you like to the Vocabulary Trainer and thus tailor it to your individual requirements.
• With its methodological approach, the PONS Vocabulary Trainer adapts to your individual learning level so that you can successfully learn vocabulary.
• The Trainer teaches you new vocabulary step by step: five different types of exercise become gradually more challenging as you progress, so that you can master the fifth, most advanced exercise called LexiTest, where you translate a vocabulary item without any help.
• It can be used with all of the languages available at PONS.com: English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Latin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish!

What can the app do?

• The following free vocabulary lists have already been prepared for you, so that you can get started right away: a German-English “Internet & Co.” vocabulary plus the most important words and expressions for travel, accommodation, eating and shopping in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek and Turkish.
• Look up words online in over 30 PONS dictionaries directly through the app. Then, simply tap on your looked-up item; it is then copied to your vocabulary trainer together with its translation. You don’t even need to use your mobile browser.
• You don’t have to be online to practise your vocabulary. The trainer retrieves your current entries and learning levels from your PONS user account, so you can use it for both mobile and stationary learning.

About PONS:

PONS, the “green” language-learning brand has over 30 years of experience in developing language learning materials and dictionaries for all walks of life, be it for school or study, for business, travel or for language lovers. More than 500 dictionaries and language courses from Chinese to Turkish meet your reference and language-learning needs, from beginning to advanced levels. Our diverse range of materials serve individual language-learning styles: tried and trusted dictionaries and grammar aids, audio and software language courses, apps and free online services, such as ww.pons.com. This is a free online-dictionary which covers 13 different languages, as well as a German Learner’s Dictionary and a German Spelling Dictionary, including all of the German spelling rules, which are of such importance in the learning of German as a Foreign Language.
PONS GmbH is an enterprise of the Klett Group, the largest educational publisher in Germany with 60 companies in 42 locations and 18 countries.
For more information about PONS, visit www.pons.com.

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