SMS Leb - Alfa Support

SMS Leb - Alfa Support
(1300 total ratings on Google Play)
Noor Dimachk / Communication
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(1300 total ratings on Google Play)


SMS Leb is a free mobile and smartphone app that allows you to send free SMS messages to any mobile number using your Wifi or 3G internet connection by signing in to your Lebanese Alfa online account.

Instead of fighting your way through a "not so mobile-friendly" site, you can send free SMS messages to your friends in a matter of clicks, whether they are in Lebanon or abroad.

NOTE: I get a lot of emails asking me how to use the app. You need have Lebanese Alfa phone line (Doesn''t matter if postpaid or prepaid). If you''re on MTC/Touch, grab SMS Leb - MTC Touch Support. You also need to have an account on their website.
If you don''t have a web account for a Lebanese number, then you cannot use this application.

If you''re having issues, please email me.

*** Features:

- From a Lebanese engineer to Lebanese people. Totally free!
- Send free SMS with a click.
- Sent SMS messages get saved directly inside your phone message history.
- Integrates with your Android phone.
- Select contacts from your address book. International numbers are supported.
- Ability to send long messages (Splits into multiple SMS messages)
- Retrieves your balance and 3G consumption.
- Ability to save your login information.
- Start typing your message without waiting for server responses.
- Smart design and easy to use.

We are totally unofficial and PROUD. The application does not bother you with any animated plash screens, nor does it force you to fight your way through buggy buttons.

And best of all, the application is under continuous maintenance, support and new features are always added. (Unlike other government apps)

SMS Leb sends your SMSes through Alfa''s web portal. In some cases, the website architecture changes rendering SMS Leb unfunctional.
So please, make sure you always update SMS Leb :)

All requests are sent solely to Alfa or MTC''s Portal. The application does not, in any way, send any of your information to any 3rd party or intermediary server directly or indirectly affiliated with Azkatec.

This applies to all your information including, but not limited to, your username, password, phone numbers and SMS content.

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