Norwegian Travel Assistant

Norwegian Travel Assistant
(1300 total ratings on Google Play)
Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA / Transportation
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(1300 total ratings on Google Play)


This app will assist you on your travels!

The Norwegian app makes it easier to enjoy your trip. Tickets, boarding passes, previous trips, important messages and changing flexible tickets are easily accessible in one place. Sit back and enjoy your trip!

The Norwegian Travel Assistant includes the following features:

- All your travel documents ready and sorted with dynamic updates for all information

- Very easy to change flexible flights

- Add trips which have not be booked on your username

- Useful push notifications with messages connected with your future trips

- Intelligent travel information sorted by arrivals and departures

- Automatic login for quicker access to your information

- Support for storing important data offline

- Create Norwegian user

- Quick access to your profile

- Travel file

- Check if your flight is on time

Tickets in order

The Norwegian app keeps all your travel documents in order. Tickets, boarding passes and all information about your flights are neatly sorted in a separate travel folder, which is automatically updated. If you do not have bags to check in, you can go straight to the gate at the airports where this is possible.

Continuously updated

When you are travelling, it is important to have access to all information regarding your flight. The message centre will send you push notifications and collect all important information about your departures in one place within the app.

Change your flight in seconds

If you have purchased a flexible ticket from us, it is very easy to change this in the app. Press `change flight'', select a new flight and press `OK''. So simple! The Full Flex ticket has never been more flexible.

Intelligent travel information

When is the flight leaving? The Norwegian app provides you with a clear overview of arrivals and departures and enables you to quickly find the answer by suggesting the nearest airports and also the last airports you searched for.

Covers areas without coverage

The Norwegian app supports smart offline storage of travel documents, arrivals'' information and user messages. This means that you can access all the information you have downloaded, and Internet access will not be required.

Help us to make the app even better!

Do you have any tips or suggestions, which would make the app even better? If so, please contact us at http://norwegian.custhelp.com/app/ask

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