NumBuster! Caller ID, antiSPAM

NumBuster! Caller ID, antiSPAM
(4500 total ratings on Google Play)
NumBuster! / Communication
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(4500 total ratings on Google Play)


Get rid of junk calls and messages FOREVER!

*** In NumBuster! YOU CAN ***
- See who hides behind an unknown number even before you pick up;
- Block and unblock unwanted calls and advertising messages manually ;
- Block and unblock unwanted SMS messages and spam at any time ;
- Manage your contacts ;
- Rate and comment on any phone number and message, which will help other users to decide whether to answer any incoming call - before they even pick up.

*** NumBuster! KEY FEATURES ***
- Use widgets: find out who is calling BEFORE you pick up the phone ! (Requires 3G/EDGE/LTE or WiFi);
- Like or dislike any telephone number ;
- Leave comments and personal notes to users’ profiles and any unknown numbers ;
- Block or unblock any unwanted calls (spammers, sellers, scammers and just obnoxious people) - placing them in a black list is 1 tap away ;
Search for information about unknown phone numbers inside NumBuster! (if a user has already come across this number, has rated or commented on it, you''ll see this information immediately) ;
- Manage your call and message history in NumBuster! Rate and comment on any number ;
- Check any user rating or see suggested "names" for unknown numbers and their photos at any time ;
- Create your own profile in the community, customize its appearance ;
- Find out who has rated or left a comment to your telephone number ( and take revenge on them - same way =)

The founders of NumBuster! are trying to make communication as open and transparent as possible.

This is reflected not only in the fact that you can now block, mark, rate and comment on any telephone numbers and messages from con men, telemarketers and advertisers .

- The application is completely free and will always remain so ;
- Does not contain any advertising ;
- Your phone number will still be seen ONLY by those whom you call - we protect you and your data carefully, including your contacts and call log ;
- No one can get your phone number by name search, etc. ;
- An Internet connection is required to identify the calls. The connection speed is critical for normal operating.
- NumBuster! does not receive and does not seek any information in social networks, does not connect your profile data to other systems. We rely only on the real experience of real people.

Our MISSION is the destruction of illegal business of the scams, who steal, share and distribute so-called "telephone databases". The more good people unite against this evil - the faster we''ll make a world better.

What NumBuster! is going to do for living? We hope to destroy illegal business of "telephone databases"''s traders and telemarketers , who distribute private information among shameless advertisers and companies.

We believe that you''ll agree: when most people will KNOW in advance that it''s scammers or sellers who are hiding behind unknown incoming calls - and no one WILL NOT answer them - there will be no sense in intrusive calls =)

Our goal is the accumulation of knowledge about how real people relate to businesses, companies and sometimes even other people. The main values are the ratings and our users’ comments! When businesses see your real attitude, maybe it will help them to do their job better or even to change their marketing strategy in a better way.
ATTENTION! We''ve turned off an sms-notification of contacts, which were rated in NumBuster! because of big user''s activity. So if you rate or comment smb - they will not receive a notification from NumBuster!

We’re always happy to get feedback from you! You can address all your concerns, comments and questions to support@numbuster.com. Thanks!

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