Ocean Fish Live Wallpaper

Ocean Fish Live Wallpaper
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(3100 total ratings on Google Play)


You like to watch beautiful little fish swimming in the aquarium? We have something better! ''Ocean Fish Live Wallpaper'' comprises various types of colorful fish floating in deep blue water. Download this beautiful and calming live background and relax your eyes watching goldfish and other species moving gently across the blue water any time!
- Ideal live wallpaper for Android!
- Whenever you tap on the screen, new marine animals appear!
- Five types of background styles - different ocean pictures!
- Three types of speed of the floating objects: slow, normal, fast!
- Full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching!
- Choose this animated background and you won''t regret!
Follow the installation instructions:
Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers
''Ocean Fish Live Wallpaper'' is a lovely decoration for your phone screen as it abounds in beautiful pictures and a wide spectrum of vivid colors, which are a pleasure to look at.
As you may already know, sea creatures and other animals make their homes in all different parts of the water, even on the bottom, or sea floor. "Sea fish" live on the sea floor, close to coral reefs or near the surface.
Oceans cover more than two thirds of the earth''s surface, and they are very deep. They are also filled with lots of plants, which provide food, homes, and protection for animals. They breathe oxygen from the water through gills on the sides of their bodies. They cannot breathe air or live outside of water. Most of them are covered with small scales instead of skin. They use fins and a tail to swim around. Some of their characteristic features are big eyes, translucent body and large, dagger-like teeth. Usually, they are bioluminescent and produces light on their own. Enjoy watching them on your new ''Ocean Fish Live Wall paper''!
Whales and dolphins, among other are sea creatures and mammals. These animals have lungs, are warm-blooded, give birth to live babies (they don''t lay eggs) and nurse their babies, but they live in salt water instead of on dry land like most mammals. Sharks look a lot like marine mammals, but they are not and they do not have bones. Their skeletons are made up of cartilage instead of bones. Cuttlefish are unique creatures that have the amazing ability to instantly change the colors and patterns of their skin to blend in with their surroundings.

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