Kids games: Baby shapes

Kids games: Baby shapes
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(1900 total ratings on Google Play)


Fun and intuitive matching game for your baby or toddler!
It helps to learn shapes and colors in game. Learning shapes is easy and entertaining and your child will love it too!

3 different educational games in one application:
- match shapes with right one
- choose right figure
- catch all shapes!

Understanding color and shape is a tool for learning many skills in all curriculum areas, from math and science to language and reading. When a child learns to discern the similarities and differences between colors and shapes, he is using the same skills he needs to recognize the differences between letters and numerals.

The main skill that gives the application is differentiating the shapes. It includes both simple shapes, such as squares, triangles and circles and other shapes such as polygon, rhombuses, flowers to pique the older child''s interest as well.

By the time your child is 3 or 4 years old, children need to start learning their shapes. By the time they are ready to start kindergarten, children are expected to know the basic shapes, recognize them and identify how they form part of other items. They may also be expected to be able to draw the shapes – not perfectly, but certainly recognizably. Our application is an easy ways to encourage and help your child to learn about shapes with flashcards.

Learning about shapes will help your child identify letters, and help them with writing and reading later on. For example, letters are made up of circles, triangles and lines – think of the circles in b, d, g, p, q, or the parts of a triangle found in k, v and w. Recognizing the shapes in the letters helps a child to recognize the letter too, important for developing reading skills.

Colorful high resolution images, funny music and a lot of pleasure for your baby! This game is a small adventure for your baby. Let him shows to his parents how he learns shapes.
Game is suitable for Preschool and Kindergarten level.

We are trying to create simple, funny, but very attractive and addicting games in which children can play without help.
This application is good for tablets and phones.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Let Santa make your Kid''s dreams come true
Play with your kids and have lots of fun and laugh together :)

Thanks to everybody who helps us to improve our games.
We always welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions. Don''t hesitate to contact us at entertainmentware@gmail.com

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