English for kids learning free

English for kids learning free
(2600 total ratings on Google Play)
Oscar Manuel / Education
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(2600 total ratings on Google Play)


We all know that bilingual education (English / Spanish) is very important for children. Therefore we have created this educational application.

English for Children serves children learn vocabulary of English language very easily while watching photos play. Kids just have to go through the finger pictures that are also dating the text description of the photo will be taught the pronunciation of each word

We created this app with help of a group of educators who have shown us the best way to teach English to help serve them at school.

The vocabulary of English is very simple and is suitable for young children primary, and that child will help them learn the pronunciation of many words but our app does not apply to children who are studying high school

They can play to view images of animals, numbers, objects, vehicles, colors, etc. while learning.

The application is absolutely free without any cost also is adapted for tablet and mobile phone

Designed specifically for children between 2 and 7 years who are studying early childhood education - primary and they need to help build vocabulary in school exams.

This game does NOT require internet connection, which is a plus as it can be played with tablets without SIM card. We have advertising because it is where we get to pay the development costs. We have a paid version of free advertising.

This application serves to teach grammar, so we ask that we not adversely puntúes not teach grammar, we only show simple vocabulary adapted to the child''s mind.

There are two ways to use to take advantage of the educational characteristics of the application, first you can leave the mobile phone / tablet to boy / girl and they are the ones who discover the words or otherwise you can go show them the different flashcard making emphasis on English words that are harder to kids. Both are good ways to learn the child to play only has the advantage of learning English will be entertained while the parents take care of other things

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