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CastOn casts media contents stored in, or web pages found by your mobile device onto a TV. CastOn also casts contents from 3rd party apps to TV. It is by far the most versatile UPNP player on the market.

This is a free version that is ad-supported. This version does not allow sharing contents via the share link from 3rd party apps even though you may still call CastOn as a regular player. You can get the premium version CastOn TV Premium to have the restriction removed.

CastOn requires a Wifi network and a UPNP/DLNA compatible TV or set-top box. Many types of TV and set-top boxes are supported, including some DLNA models from Sony, Samsung, etc. If the TV or set-top box is not UPNP/DLNA capable, consider upgrading with CastOn TV Receiver, or using the HDMI Dongle at www.web2mytv.com.

Using CastOn is really easy - select the TV screen to play on, then select the content to play. There are more sophisticated short-cuts as you will discover, but the simplest way is always there and it works. Soon you will find out that you can control the sound volume of the TV with the volume button on your handset; you can move to the next or previous clip by swiping left and right on the preview pane; and similarly, you can switch between remote and local screens by swiping up and down on the preview pane. If you are even more adventurous, get the CastOn TV Receiver on your Android set-top box to experience using your phone as a Wifi remote with keyboard, and use playlist, bookmarks, and live web pages on TV!

As a UPNP/DLNA-compatible player, CastOn can cast most audio, video, and photo formats onto TV using a common home Wifi network. But that is not all - CastOn''s capability goes far beyond these DLNA "basics" if it is paired with CastOn TV Receiver, a set-top box app that is also available on Google Play. With the matching receiver, you will discover the following additional features:

1. Cast web pages.

Send your favorite web pages to the TV screen and play it using your handset. What does it mean - any content, anywhere. It works whether your are doing a weekly report in web format or watching online videos embedded in a web page.

2. Create a playlist for video and audio.

Prepare your own "program" before you sit down and watch. There''s no need to play the clips one by one. You will still be able to insert a clip to play immediately, and in that case the playlist will resume after the clip is done.

3. Monitor and control the TV without a full-time connection

The CastOn console will display current progress of your TV, and allow you to fast-forward, rewind, pause, cancel, and go to the next or previous program with the simple touch of a button. More importantly, you can still use your mobile device for other activities. You can leave the application to check your email, for example, and CastOn will still be on when you go back to it.

Feedback and comments are always welcomed! Contact us at support@web2mytv.com if you need to speak to us.

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