drawing the path

drawing the path
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(1100 total ratings on Google Play)


DRAWING THE WAY BALL for , is a FUN GAME of OnLabGames , FREE , where you must draw a path for BALL , which should reach the TARGET .
Challenges the player , who through their CREATIVITY must solve the puzzle of the various levels , the solutions are based on DRAWINGS and uses PHYSICS as mechanical and FUN .
GAME levels are gradually challenging and intriguing .
Fun is guaranteed through simple graphics and intuitive designs that leave take the game . Use your finger to trace the path as if drawing with a pencil or pen on a sheet of notebook or drawing , unlike other GAMES .
You need to draw with and know STRATEGY evaluate the best option way for the scroll ball correctly without leaving the playing field and achieve the target within the time allowed , you need IMAGINATION and SKILLS with a lot of FUN .
Challenge your friends , post your score in Facebook and Twitter ( next updates ) , and encourage them to find a solution and FAST CREATIVE , be considerate and use LOGIC , IDEAS test different solutions INVENT .
There are unlimited possibilities for solutions, INVENTIONS , you can resolve any levels .
You can go directly to any level , though , it is best to keep up gradually to a gradual interactivity of fun .
We thank the users and players , we''re always looking for fun through games , using intelligence through fun , good entertainment , good fun .
This game model aims to entertain the user, using the free possibility to solve the puzzle , just imagine , reasoning , remembering that imagination is worth more than intelligence, and is accurate solutions working against time .
The player has the ability to draw limitless shapes and paths , obstacles must be overcome .
At any time you can access any level of any world , regardless of whether or solved and solved the previous level .
When a level is indicated on the menu is solved levels through a different color to the selected world .
Play anywhere and any time , records of time are saved and displayed strategically .
If a record already exists in the current phase it is momentarily displayed .
If the player is unable to solve a level in a shorter time than the previous displays a table showing record breaker , and this will be based on database records .
Note that the records are times greater , because the closer to the start time , the better, as the time is decreasing.
The worlds are divided by colors and types of obstacles geometric arrangement thereof on the screens and positions of the ball and target are interchanged .
It is better to draw quickly because the system understands that a slow movement is to create an object in place of touch , so avoid slow movements , since it is their intention to create large objects uniform risk .
Sometimes the ball can be running in one direction and it touches on a wall (risk ) on the other side and reverses the direction of the same , this is due to friction and friction .
To avoid this type of situation should draw always fall to the side to be traveled by the ball .
The performance physics simulation within the game may vary between devices depends on the processing power , memory capacity , network and others.
For better usability , iteration and use the advertisements are disabled when the system is physically connected .

Built with Corona - SDK - http://coronalabs.com/

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