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Online Radio Free
(700 total ratings on Google Play)
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(700 total ratings on Google Play)


Add some fun to your life!

Let your day start perfectly with the best live radio that will take you to an incredible music journey.

Download free Android App Online Radio Free!

Available features:

- Listening without headphones
- Set a radio alarm clock
- Set timer and sleep timer so that radio station turns off itself
- The widget of the app will appear in the notification so that you could control radio streaming even when the app is turned off
- Use widget option to set your favorite radio station as a shortcut on your home screen.
- Set favorites to create a list of favorite music channels for quick access
- Choose ‘more’ button to research other apps
- Save or share app on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter

Categories by country:
- USA music charts
- German radio
- Russian hits
- Thailand radio
- France musique
- Turkish songs
- Mexico radio stations
- Brazilian music and much more…..

Online Radio Free app allows listening to stations with or without the headphones, which makes it possible to listen to radio in any situation.

If you want to fall asleep to music, this app allows you to set a timer for a radio station and it will turn off by itself. Set an alarm to wake you up in the morning and the station will turn on at time you set.

Also, you can share stations with friends who like Hip Hop, Latino, Dubstep etc.

Another possibility is to create a shortcut to favorite channels on your home screen. In order to control the radio stations, widget of the app will appear in the notification.

A variety of music genres is what makes this app special, you can listen to Dance, Jazz, House and other. In this app you will find many radio stations, create a list of favorites by marking them with a star.

If you are searching for different genres of music in one place internet radio will have you covered. Whether you want to keep in touch with the latest hits or enjoy the oldies and want to have a radio that broadcasts Country, Rock or Pop music, you will find it in this android app. This application comes with the diversity of stations available on the web, so you are sure to find something that is quite to your taste.

This android app is a collection of the online stations that broadcast music songs and charts from different parts of the world. Radio is divided into categories according to the country music origin, you will find radio stations from USA, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Spain etc.

Free radio allows you to listen to stream music to your heart`s content. Finding web radio for your Android phone or tablet has never been easier. Press play, sit back and enjoy!

Legal information:

This app is made in collaboration with the best internet stations on the web. We are very grateful to all those who supported us.

This app was tested on many smartphones and tablets, so that users do not experience troubles while installing or playing with the app.

Please report bugs with phone and operating system information. If you have any questions, suggestions, request or comments do not hesitate to contact us at nimaxy91@gmail.com.

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