Fing - Network Tools

Fing - Network Tools
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Find out which devices are connected to your Wi-Fi network, in just a few seconds.

Fast and accurate, Fing is a professional App for network analysis. A simple and intuitive interface helps you evaluate security levels, detect intruders and resolve network issues.

+ Discovers all devices connected to a Wi-Fi network. Unlimited devices and unlimited networks, for free!
+ Displays MAC Address and device manufacturer.

+ Enter your own names, icons, notes and location
+ Full search by IP, MAC, Name, Vendor and Notes
+ History of all discovered networks.
+ Share via Twitter, Facebook, Message and E-mail

+ Service Scan: Find hundreds of open ports in a few seconds.
+ Wake On LAN: Switch on your devices from your mobile or tablet!
+ Ping and traceroute: Understand your network performances.
+ Automatic DNS lookup and reverse lookup

+ Checks the availability of Internet connection
+ Works also with hosts outside your local network
+ Tracks when a device has gone online or offline
+ Launch Apps for specific ports, such as Browser, SSH, FTP
+ Displays NetBIOS names and properties
+ Displays Bonjour info and properties
+ Supports identification by IP address for bridged networks
+ Sort by IP, MAC, Name, Vendor, State, Last Change.
+ Free of charge, no banner Ads
+ Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with retina and standard displays.

+ Integrates with Fingbox to sync and backup your customizations, merge networks with multiple access points, monitor remote networks via Fingbox Sentinels, get notifications of changes, and much more.
+ Fing is available on several other platforms, including Windows, OS X and Linux. Check them out!

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