Personal Biorhythms Calculator

Personal Biorhythms Calculator
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(3100 total ratings on Google Play)


The program calculates personal biorhythms predictions for the selected date for each user, has an easy user interface, allows determine the most dangerous days in the month and makes biorhythm calculations with high accuracy.

► Supports for adding unlimited numbers of users.
► Has home screen widget.
► Supports the calculation of the biorhythms of two algorithms to choose:
• Standard (most popular);
• More precision (uses more precision algorithms).
► Determines most instability days (known as critical or dangerous days).
► Supports comparing compatibilities of two users.
► Allows making an individual prediction for the day.
► Choosing of themes (2 themes available)
► Choosing the current date (by pressing the button at the top of biorhythms chart)

Biorhythm – is a series of decreases and increases of physical or mental functions of a human the duration of 23 to 38 days depending on the species. There are physical, emotional, intellectual and intuitive biorhythms.

Biorhythms influence on the activity, endurance, level of immunity, cognitive abilities and other qualities of the person from the moment of birth and throughout life. Feature of biorhythms is their predictability based on the cycles. This allows you to perform a calculation based on biorhythms and calendar or schedule of biorhythms plan of action and get maximum results.

The common is that the minimum values of biorhythms reduce the physical and intellectual abilities, make a person more aggressive and irritable, increased fatigue.

Critical days. When values of biorhythms pass through zero, it has most noticeable effect on the human condition. The most difficult is the period when all three biorhythm cross the zero point at the same time. In those days, you have to be very careful, cautious and refrain from challenging intellectual activity. Fortunately, those days are rare, because the periods of biorhythms are different.

► The program displays information of 4 biorhythms:
• Physical, the cycle is 23 days. It determines the human energy, his strength, endurance, coordination of movement.
• Emotional, the cycle is 28 days. It determines the condition of the nervous system and mood.
• Intellectual, the cycle is 33 days. It determines creative abilities of the individual.
• Intuitive biorhythm. This cycle founded by analyzing the life of creative people. It is the longest and takes 38 days: 19 days of the rise and fall as much. This cycle affects the perception of the world, a sense of style and inspiration.

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