Agent7 NEO

Agent7 NEO
(1100 total ratings on Google Play)
Premium Agency Inc. / Gaming
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(1100 total ratings on Google Play)


This game is currently only supported in Japanese. Game contents, rules, and regulations according to Japanese law etc. are all displayed in Japanese. Thank you for your patience.

An intense but easy-to-use system that anyone can enjoy!
Using the special powers of Agents you gather,
work together to eliminate the evil organization “Imperial”!
-The Near Future-
A world where sudden alien invaders are locked in battle with humans.
Your childhood friend was kidnapped right before your eyes, and in order to save her
you must become an Agent, a paranormal extermination specialist.

However, soon after joining your squad there is a transmission hijacking!
A mysterious man who suddenly starts preaching to the world
about his “World Conquest Propaganda”

But he seems somehow familiar…

Your goal is to make friends with other Agents with unique and powerful abilities,
and to solve the mysteries of this new “Other World”!

***Obtain lavish rewards through our new events!***
Defeat a giant boss with the help of scores of friends in our raid events.
Participate in monthly seasonal events, each with a unique theme.
Receive tons of unique and powerful rewards for participating!

***Adrenaline pumping real-time battles!***
Tap the “Agent Orbs” as quickly and efficiently as possible to attack before the enemy can make a move!
Anyone can use this very simple combat system!
Strike now? Or save your power for one large blow?
The choice is yours, so have fun in this palm-sweat inducing rapid-fire battle system!

***Build the world’s strongest team of Agents!***
One team can have up to 5 Agents for normal missions, and up to 10 Agents for large-scale raid boss battles!
Agents can become stronger through the synthesis system, so power them up to make the strongest team possible!

***Make new friends!***
During missions along with your 5 Agents, one other player’s Team Leader will join you for the challenge!
If you are friends with this player, their powerful Leader Skill will activate, so try to make as many friends as possible!
Choose the right friends and complete your team’s strategy!

***Defeat enemies and trade for items!***
Enemies defeated in missions drop Enemy Cores.
You can trade these cores in at the Research Lab to receive limited edition Agents as well as useful items.

***Tons of unique Agents to choose from!***
With a huge variety of themes, new Agents are constantly appearing.
Want to have a samurai? A hacker? Or even a cool and collected monster-type?
You will definitely be able to find a team that suits your personal tastes!

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