SSE - Universal Encryption App

SSE - Universal Encryption App
(780 total ratings on Google Play)
Paranoia Works / Tools
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(780 total ratings on Google Play)


Secret Space Encryptor (S.S.E.)
● Password Manager, Message (Text) Encryption and File Encryption integrated in the all-in-one solution.
● Store and manage all your passwords, PINs or notes in one secure place protected with one Master Password. Import/Export function is available (compressed, fully encrypted .pwv file format or unencrypted, editable .xml file format).
● Keep your messages, notes and other texts safe from unintended readers. Use internal database or just copy/paste to/from your favorite applications.
● Securely encrypt your private and confidential files or whole folders. Wiping (secure delete) feature is included.
● Everything is encrypted using strong encryption algorithm: AES(Rijndael) 256bit, RC6 256bit, Serpent 256bit, Blowfish 256bit/448bit, Twofish 256bit and GOST 256bit ciphers are available.
● Other Utils: Password Generator, Clipboard Cleaner, Algorithm Benchmark, ...
● Minimal Permissions. No ads.
● Cross-Platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, ...) GUI Version and Command Line Version of the File Encryptor is available on the application home page (download section).

● This software is Open Source project – we have nothing to hide, so you can have securely hidden everything you need.
(as Open Source, this software is published under TSU - §740.13(e) encryption export license exception)

● If you notice any problems with this application please send an email. Comments do not allow us to communicate to you properly - so it''s hard to help you.

★ KitKat (Android 4.4) users FAQ
Issue: File Encryptor sub application - External SD Card is read only - message: EACCESS (Permission denied).
Answer: The Android 4.4 does not allow write access to the External SD card to any app except for the pre-installed ones (pre-installed by device (or system image) manufacturer). We can do absolutely nothing about this issue. The only solution for now is to root your device (use a search engine for more info - something like: android 4.4 fix external SD card). We can only hope the Google will reconsider this limitation in the next version of the Android.

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