Path Talk

Path Talk
(21.362k total ratings on Google Play)
Path, Inc. / Social
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(21.362k total ratings on Google Play)


Path Talk is the fast, fun, private messaging app from Path. Send messages, photos, videos, voice, music, maps, and more 1:1 or in small groups for FREE.

Coming Soon:
A new messaging super power - send messages to PLACES - restaurants, stores, and more. Never wait on hold again - book reservations, make appointments, get prices, and check in-store product availability all through messaging with Path Talk. Our new 24/7 global network of Path Agents picks up the phone and calls the business for you, gets the information and texts it back to you, saving you valuable time for friends and family, making your life easier and bringing you closer to the places in your life.

Key Features:
- Fast: Super fast & reliable no matter what network you are on - 4G, 3G, or WiFi.
- Free: All of your messages of all types are FREE (messages, photos, videos, voice, music, movies, books, maps, locations, & stickers)
- Private: Everything you say on Path Talk is OFF THE RECORD. All messages you send are erased from our servers 24 hours after you send them. Your conversations in real life are not on the record, why should your messages be?
- Ambient Status: A revolution in keeping up with your friends and starting off every conversation in context. Your status automatically updates in the background to tell your friends when you''re in transit, in the neighborhood, listening to music, or even low on battery.
- Stickers: We''ve hired some of the best artists in the world to imagine and create all-new fun, expressive characters. We’ve also partners with some of the world’s most beloved brands like Peanuts, South Park, Adventure Time, Transformers, and more. Choose from 1000’s of Path Stickers when emoji just isn''t enough.
- Groups: Create group messages which work cross-platform no matter which smartphone your friends are on.
- Voice: Quickly send and receive high quality voice messages 1-on-1 with a friend or back and forth with a group of people.
- Quick Replies: Save time by nudging a friend or acknowledging a message directly from your message list with just a swipe.

Special Android-Only Features
- Android Wear Support: See all messages -- from maps, to stickers, to photos -- on your Android Wear. And replying is quick and easy: select the checkmark to say "Got it" with one tap, or use voice-to-text to respond hands-free.

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