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Philips Headset
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(2000 total ratings on Google Play)


Philips created this simple and nifty app to be your ultimate Philips headset companion. The Philips Headset app allows you to customize the in-line controller button, select the best sound profile explicitly tuned for your Philips headset and easily customize the sound profile of your Android smartphone.

The Philips Headset app runs in the background with almost no CPU loading and preset with pre-defined button controls already. Users can also customize the button with the following selections:

Music/Call management:
Next track
Previous track
Answer call
End call
Reject call
Volume up/down

To select a suitable sound profile it’s effortlessly simple. Under ‘Headset’ sound will auto adjust to fit with your selected Philips headset model. If one prefers to customize their sound profile, choose the manual option under ‘Sound’ to tune and personalize your sound preference for an individual sound experience.

Why MySound doesn’t work properly with my phones?

- The app doesn''t work with the default player of some Samsung phones. We suggest you try to use music player like Mixzing, PowerAMP, Winamp, DoubleTwist, Songbird etc.

- If the app still doesn’t work with your phone even you used the suggested music player, it is probably due to the music player setting. Please go to setting and activate the in-control option.
- If the app still doesn’t work with your phone even you used the suggested music player, it is probably due to the music player setting. Please set up the song playlist and use it with my MySound.

Phones that don''t work with the app:

- The app doesn''t work with HTC Beats as it has its own Beats sound system and overrides external equalizer control.
- The app doesn''t work with phones from Sony Ericsson and older Samsung phones with Android platform and it is due to different 3,5mm pin configuration they are using. This requires extra connector to be compatible with. Please go to our customer support for help if needed.

If the Android headset app is topped by the system’s setting menu or a powerful app killer, you will only need to re launch the app again. Just plugging the headset will not initiate the app as it is the first time.


1) In Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the long press command are reserved by the Google Now (personal assistant). It causes the Headset app could not react to the long press assigned operation.
2) Nexus 7 has disabled the headset control pin in its 3.5 mm audio connector which causes the Headset app fail to function.

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