Find My Phone Anti-Theft

Find My Phone Anti-Theft
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Find my phone, friends, car, location / Productivity
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(1300 total ratings on Google Play)


Find My Phone 2014 Anti-Theft

Find My Phone: Locate & Track your misplaced phone, lost phone or stolen phone. Find My Phone is a must have & important security application that everyone should have it installed on his/her Android™ phone.

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Find My Phone
Find my phone by flashlight and warning sound when your phone receive calls. Every one experienced looking for his phone around. Now your smartphone can FLASH and ALERT, let you find your phone easily, even it is in silent mode, neither ring nor vibrate, or in dark night.

Locate My Phone
Want to share your location to your families or someone, that is easy. Just active this function, and it will help your guys know each other''s position on Google Map™. Specially girl wants to know her boyfriend or husband''s position. :):):) Actually it is more than that.

Lock and Track My Phone
Thinking of that you lost your phone somewhere like cafe, office or restaurant etc, it will be worrisome. Here is the quick way to find it, just text a message to your phone and it will lock your phone automatically and protect your privacy, sends out the phone location that you can track it with Google Map™.

At the same time it can make continuous alarm and popup the pre-setup contact information that help the person (who find your phone) to contact you directly.

Share My Location
One click to share your current location to your friends.

Remember My Locations
Remember a location and go back to it easily. For example, make a record to my car''s location and find it when you finish dinner, remember places you visited.

Take a Picture
Take a picture by front camera and send it to your mail when you want to find out who takes your phone.

Contacts Transfer
In case of losing your phone and can not get it back, remotely backup contacts and send to your email.

Erase SD Card
In case of losing your phone and can not get it back, remotely delete your photo and video if you have some naughty pictures / videos on you SD Card.

Device Manager - To control multiple droid devices
Install Find My Phone among your family members & friends, and from any device you can control the other droid phones. Even iPhone™ and Nokia™ can also ring/locate/lock/wipe your droid phone.


1) How to Uninstall?

There are 2 ways to uninstall Find My Phone
1) Go to Menu->Help, Click Remove Device Admin and then click Uninstall Find My Phone (in app uninstall)
2) Go to Settings->Security->Device Administrators and Deactivate Find My Phone 2014 (system uninstall)

2) Do I need to register an account?

You do not need to create an account to use Find My Phone. Most of the anti-theft apps require you to register and collect your personal information, we do not do that.

3) Is this app free

Find my phone is green application and also it is free to use. There is no monthly fee or no pay premium to upgrade.

It is unlimited to family members use. We suggest you introduce this app to your family members or friends and protect each other(if they have Android™ smartphones).

Where is my phone? where is my droid? Take it easy and you can find it by Find My Phone.

An user''s comments
"Its an awesome app I lost my phone at a local restaurant and I couldn''t find it when I activated it from my friends phone I found it right away"

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