Painless GRE

Painless GRE
(2100 total ratings on Google Play)
Philip Nguyen / Education
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(2100 total ratings on Google Play)


Learn GRE words in a painless and efficient way with spaced repetition.

* most common GRE words with examples
* variety of exercises (word->definition, definition->word, sentence completion, etc.)
* traditional word cards
* word list supporting searches by titles and definitions
* keeping track of learning progress
* offline pronunciation

NOTE: you can manually mark a word as ''mastered'' by long tapping on it in the word list. A mastered word will still show up in rare occasions.

If you spot typos/mistakes, don''t hesitate to let me know :)

Upcoming features:
* more intuitive graphs
* games (maybe)

My thanks for all the help from Bilal Hasan.


1. Please add feature to allow resuming session.
-> No. It''s a design decision. You are supposed to work on an entire session in one go without distraction.

2. I see mastered words again...
-> Mastered words will still reappear in rare occasions. They might happen in batch.

3. I suddenly get all new words regardless of the set ratio
-> Old words will not reappear immediately. They need a while to show up again. The duration increases over time if you do well on them.

4. I suddenly get all old words regardless of the set ratio.
-> You have been trying to cram too much in a short period of time.

In summary, the app takes care of old words/new words for you. The principle is few repetition over a long, increasing periods of time is more effective than lots of frequent ones. I add some options other than the default ones due to excessive whining from multiple people. Use them at your own risks. Basically, if you''re trying to cram a crazy number of words in a short period of time, you''re looking for something else. Please don''t ask for a "fix".

DISCLAIMER: I''ve received numerous emails expressing their anger about the fact that they see a lot of learned words. Let me make it clear: getting bored is part of the process. There are days when you learn a lot of new words, and other days when you''re mainly reviewing. The ultimate goal of this method is to retain the words well enough for you to survive the exam. It makes your effort less futile, but by no means is a miracle to help you absorb 3500 words in 2 months (from one of the emails I got. That would be like 60 new words each day without ever forgetting one. Seriously? Dream on. Don''t let your greed fool you.) But I guess I''ll just let you adjust the ratio. You''ve been warned: for most people, a higher ratio will be less effective in the long run.

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