Happy Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday Cake
(6500 total ratings on Google Play)
Pigeon Software / Entertainment
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(6500 total ratings on Google Play)


If you got here by following an invitation link, please proceed with downloading and installing the app. Your personalized greeting is awaiting you.
Is it your friend''s birthday? Is it their anniversary? Why won''t you send them a cake with a personalized greeting?
It even has a realistic candle that you can blow out, alongside a happy bday, anniversary, or a romantic song.
After blowing the candle out, they''ll hear cool cheering and confetti will start to fall.
They''ll love it!
Is it your kid''s birthday? They''ll enjoy blowing out the candle. Guaranteed :)

Hit the "Play" button, the music will play and the candle will light. To blow the candle out, simply blow some air onto your phone or tablet''s microphone. They''ll be surprised.

You can even send the cake with a personalized greeting to your friends (Via email/SMS/Facebook)!
Try it! It would be a very original greeting card, one which will definitely make your friends smile :-)
Supported events: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine''s day, Graduation Day, New Year''s (Happy New Year).

Found a bug? If something doesn''t work as expected, please send us an email with the phone/tablet model and we''ll try to give you a solution as soon as possible. Thank you.

Happy Celebrations :-)
Pigeon Software
Permissions Explained:
This app requires some permissions to run properly. Here are the required permissions, and why they are required:

* Phone Calls - Read phone status and ID:
This permission is required to generate a unique ID of your phone or tablet, when it authenticate itself with the greetings server.

* Network communication - Full internet access:
This permission is required to send/receive greetings information from/to our greetings server.

* Network communication - Google Play billing service
This permission is required to allow in-app purchases to be made, such as paying for eliminating the ads.

* Hardware Controls - Record audio:
This permission is required to detect air blowing on the microphone, which allows you to blow out the candle.

* Your personal information - Read contact data:
This permission is required to read the "Sender''s name" from your phone. This information is automatically typed in the "Send to a friend" dialog as your "Sender Name", and this is the name the recipient will see when he/she receives the
We also use this permission to look for and remind you of upcoming b-days/anniversaries.

Privacy statement: We don''t collect nor share any information/email addresses. We respect your privacy.

If you have any comments or questions, please don''t hesitate to email us. We appreciate your feedback.

Thank you.

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