Phrasebook Turkish Lite

Phrasebook Turkish Lite
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(250 total ratings on Google Play)


PhraseBox Turkish - phrasebook for Android.

Are you going to travel to Turkey?

Are you planning a business trip to Ankara or Istanbul?

In this case our phrasebook PhraseBox Turkish (200+ phrases) is exactly that what you need!

Our special offer is PhraseBox Turkish Lite for FREE!

PhraseBox Turkish Lite Topics:
* Basics phrases
* Traveling
* Hotel/Hostel
* Restaurant/Café

Download full version PhraseBox Turkish (200+ phrases)!

Full version PhraseBox Turkish Topics:
* Basic phrases
* Dating
* Traveling
* How to get…
* Hotel/Hostel
* Restaurant/Café
* Food/Drinks
* Shopping
* Communication facilities
* Numbers

PhraseBox Turkish provides easy orientation in a foreign country, help with travel, communication at restaurants, cafés, hotels, meeting new people, asking for help, great shopping and many other things.

Each phrase of PhraseBox Turkish is translated and dubbed by native speakers. Perfectly dubbed audio tracks PhraseBox Turkish will allow you to communicate with local residents even without any foreign language skills, and also help you out of any life situations abroad!

To use PhraseBox Turkish is easy and pleasant because of its simple and effective interface which is understandable for people of all ages!

Features PhraseBox Turkish:
* Original design.
* Interface in English.
* PhraseBox Turkish is convenient and easy in use.
* 200+ essential phrases for traveling to Turkey.
* Each phrase is translated and dubbed by native speakers.
* Quick search of phrases by keywords. Input a part of word and the app will show you all phrases with this word in all forms.
* Size of app is small. You can download it easily.
* No Internet connection or roaming required! The app works offline.
* No extra downloading by use of the app.
* No advertising (Ad-free)!

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