Bubbles *Free Edition*

Bubbles *Free Edition*
(800 total ratings on Google Play)
PopBox Studio / Personalization
Downloads: 100k
(800 total ratings on Google Play)


The happy go lucky bouncing live wallpaper with endless fun for everyone. Bubbles bounce, move, and groove across your screens while changing color and interacting with one another. *Free Edition* allows you to try out bubbles on your phone with any custom background. Extensive range of settings unlocked in the pro edition allows you to finely tune the look and feel:

* Background Image (Free) - Select any image in your gallery as a background behind the bubbles.

* Bubble Radius (Pro) - Big or small, we can handle it all, change the size to your desire

* Color Strength (Pro) - How colorful would you like them to be?

* Color Increment (Pro) - Totally psychedelic, choose how fast you want the color to change

* Shadow Strength (Pro) - My oh my the sun is strong here...

* Number of Bubbles (Pro) - Name says it all, but just to be clear... you can control the number of bubbles on the screen, got it?

* Freeze (Pro) - Tap the bubble to stop it from moving, tap it again to resume.

* Pop (Pro) - Tap the bubbles to make them pop into a swirling vortex, tap again on the screen anywhere to add back in bubbles until you hit the max.

* Wall Bounce (Pro) - Control how bouncy you want the borders of the screen

* Elasticity (Pro) - To bounce, or not to bounce, at least off of each other.

* Gravity (Pro) - Indy 500 time, controls how fast the bubbles move on the screen

* Movement (Pro) - Bubbles will move to a never ending beat, but you can also have them move based on your phone orientation

Phone Status:
We want our customers to have the best experience possible and are actively maintaining the opengl compatibility of flurry with new phones as they are released :

* We are actively fixing a couple of bugs in the physics engine and a rendering bug on some tegra based devices. Coming soon in 1.1.3.

If you have any problems at all dont hesitate to e-mail us at support@popboxstudio.com. To learn more about bubbles check out the product page at http://popboxstudio.com/wp/products/bubbles/ and browse our forum at http://popboxstudio.com/wp/support/.

To Open A Live Wallpaper:
One of the most difficult issues in the marketplace ;). Go to your HOME screen and press settings->wallpaper->live wallpapers. If you have an issue opening up the wallpaper contact support@popboxstudio.com and we''ll walk you through it.

We cannot respond directly to comments or get your contact e-mail so we ask that you please e-mail us with any problems so we can resolve the issue.

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