Perpetually Precious 2

Perpetually Precious 2
(720 total ratings on Google Play)
Prelucid / Casual
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(720 total ratings on Google Play)


Here is Version 2.9 while we continue to work on 3.0 -- This is basically a stripped down version of Classic Mode (the final will have more mini games and features) with maximized fun factor for people of all ages. This will come in addition to the main game which is all about taking care of a baby, that has needs. Also, the ads will be smaller on tablets.

**Upcoming in Version 3.0 of Perpetually Precious 2**
- A lot more activities. The baby will have a hunger, diaper change, play, and sleep meters.
- Milestones. From rolling over to their first word. Taking care of your baby helps them learn how to grow. This unlocks collectible hats you can wear in addition to teaching the baby new things to do.
- Purchasing. You will be able to customize the baby room and the baby with accessories purchased with a spending allowance. Some are cosmetic, and some improve the baby''s well being. Others let you do more.
- Unfortunately, these features may make the game a little more difficult to play for people in non-English speaking countries, but we are trying to solve the problem of making the game as language-independent as possible.



Hey you! What are you, supposed to be some maternal champion?! PROVE IT. This right here is a virtual digital baby! For people who want to aww, laugh, or lean over the sink while eating, and all those mothers who have empty baby strollers sitting in the corner. Tell you what, put this app on your tablet, and put THAT in the stroller!

A Virtual Baby that will never grow up! You can randomize it to see if you''re lucky enough to get one that looks like you, or just pretend you''re doing an okay job of babysitting someone else''s!

DISCLAIMER: We''re not responsible for any complications that come from your emotional attachment to this baby!

Baby Features:
- Customize the baby''s appearance.
- The baby has some karate moves
- Doesn''t like being touched in the face
- Gets upset if you try to stop it from sucking its thumb
- Can be appeased by the use of a bottle of milk
- Rub its belly
- Doesn''t like being touched at the legs.

Open to suggestions.

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