TVlc - Vlc Web TV Radio Remote

TVlc - Vlc Web TV Radio Remote
(440 total ratings on Google Play)
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(440 total ratings on Google Play)


TVlc relies on the well known and far spread Vlc media player*. It allows you to remotely control any number of Vlc server you are running.
If you like Youtube Remote from Google, you will definitely like TVlc.

- Turn your Android device into a YouTube remote control!

TVlc is more!

TVlc suits best if your TV set is connected to your computer over HDMI for example. You can program your own TV channel and enjoy streaming on-demand TV. Access your ISO DVD images library, play mp3 files, listen to web radios. Keep a history of relevant items categorized by type (channel, playlist, video, search, folder, file, radio)
Browse Youtube videos, read the description, follow links, browse channels.

Connect your Television to your computer. Run Vlc media player and enjoy a new Television experience.
- > 3000 Online radio stations completely free to play.
- Browse, bookmark, search, share and play millions of Youtube Videos!
- TVlc is a more anonymous way to watch Youtube than Youtube Remote from Google*.
- Watch and listen to your own local Video or Audio collection.
- Bookmark internet radio stations, or videos from any public source.
- Use TVlc as a DVD remote control to play your favorite discs.
- If your computer is equipped with a TV receiver of some sort, like DVB, you can
also watch conventional TV.

TVlc is a very simple way to have ONE remote control for all kinds of multimedia needs.
Run two Vlc server for your Home Cinema and your Home Music entertainment.

Create your own mix of Music, Movies, Clips, Shows, ... for the evening with a few tips of your finger. Easily share your newest findings with your friends.

Complete Home Entertainment

TVlc brings all the necessary functionality to watch Youtube Videos just as with Youtube Remote from Google. It brings everything you need on a DVD remote control. It lets you play all your music on your best audio equipment and all your videos on your best displays in the house easily.

So, are you still watching Youtube on your Laptop while sitting in beside your huge fancy television set? Then it is time to embrace real easy Internet supported Home Entertainment with TVlc.

Let''s see, how does Google promote Youtube Remote and if it applies to TVlc?

- Turn your Android device into a YouTube remote control! - TVlc definitely does!
- Control the YouTube experience from the comfort of your couch! - Well, it''s a mobile. So yes TVlc completely does.
- With YouTube Remote, you can use your Android phone or tablet as a remote control for YouTube videos on your desktop computer or Internet TV.
Yep, that''s TVlc.
- Not sure who that actor is? Want to hear more songs from this artist? Click on the ‘Topic’ button for a world of information about the video you’re watching.
Not yet, but then, I am no multi billion dollar company that owns this entire store... ;)

Now try it yourself!

Please Note: The free version is for local files only at the moment and is ad supported!
* Vlc >2.0

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