WiFi+ Password Manager

WiFi+ Password Manager
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(1800 total ratings on Google Play)


Make sure you have "Google Play Services" installed on your phone in order to run Wifi+. You can download it from


Having too many passwords and pin codes to remember? Need a tool to help you organize and manage these passwords? Connect Wi-Fi using this tool and it will remember your WiFi passwords (no rooted phone required).

Password Manager is a handy password manager for Android phones. It is an organizer for passwords and PIN codes. It includes support for Wifi passwords and connecting to Wi-Fi networks. Besides, it can be used as universal password manager to store your logins or user ids and password, e.g. websites or others.

Features of Password Manager from Purple Berry:
- Strong database encryption.
- No restriction on total entries.
- Organize passwords in Categories of your personal choice
- Stores Wi-Fi passwords that can be retrieved
- Connect to Wi-Fi networks
- Backup the password database
- Restore the password database
- Export password to Excel file
- Set a Master Password for enhanced security
- SMS to remotely delete the password database in case of lost phone
- SIM Change detection with SMS notification.
- Easy sharing of Wi-Fi Password with QR Code Scanning. Required Zxing Barcode Scanner.
- Hide un-wanted Wi-Fi network.

A guide to using WiFi+ Password Manager is available:

- You need to connect to the Wi-Fi network using the Wi-Fi + Password Manager in order to save the password in the database.
- Rooted device is not required.

If you are willing to help us translate the app to another language or improve the existing translation, please send e-mail to Purple.Berry.App@gmail.com

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We are working hard to resolve crash issues on certain phone models. If you are facing any problem on our apps, we strongly recommend you to email us at purple.berry.app@gmail.com. Thank you.

This app is not designed to reveal or hack Wi-Fi passwords. It is your responsibility to enter and setup the passwords.

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