Period Tracker / Calendar

Period Tracker / Calendar
(11.087k total ratings on Google Play)
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(11.087k total ratings on Google Play)


Period Tracker / Calendar for Grown-up women. It is unbelievably clear and easy to use.


- The Best Must Have App !

- A real womanlog !

- So far so good Love the theme of the app and ease of use. I like how the theme is sleek and modern unlike most other apps where they over do the pick cutesy theme.

- First off thank you for designing an app that doesn''t look like it was made for and by a 12 year old girl, it''s so frustrating that almost all the period/ ovulation tracking apps on the market are bright pink and covered in flowers. I love the simplicity of the design and the cycle wheel and colour coding as a home page are a welcome change from the normal cluttered calender view (although I am happy there is the option to view the calender for a more detailed analysis). The app itself performs wonderfully, it''s attractive, streamlined and runs very smoothly however I wold like to see a few other features added to really bring it up to (and surpass) other apps of this type of the market. I would suggest the following additions/ revisions: - The ability to add data from previous cycles would be advantageous. - The signs and symptoms view could be spruced up, perhaps with the option to customize and add for people who want to track different things. - A medications and illness section, many people TTC are taking some form of medication, from vitamins to Clomid, this app could help keep a track of this. This app is wonderful, with enormous potential. Keep up the good work!

- Galaxy S4 Great period calendar, no cheesy rubbish just what I was looking for.

- Great period tracker... makes tracking my cycle so much easier.

- “Best period tracker. Tried several. This one is the best so far. Features, ease of use, & for women not teenage girls.”

- "Love it! Most classy period app and cute to beat! Nice for this 25 y/o wife and mother! :)"

- "Most amazing period app. It looks sophisticated and it''s absolutely easy to use. Can keep track of every single thing. Definitely worth it.”

- "Love it! Simple thoughtful period tracker with everything I need to be on top of my cycle without the kittens and pink flowers.Thanks!"

- "Best period tracker Absolutely love it, the layout is very functional and the app gives you little reminders as your cycle goes through"

- "Perfect!! My husband and I are trying to get pregnant. This App has made life so much easier!! I can set my goal to "pregnancy" and it tells me the best time for us to conceive. I can record all the things my Dr will ask and be able to give exact dates (menstrual days, boating, cramping ect.) It also notifies me with new things and reminders. I would recommend this to all girls/women!"

- "Perfect! love it easy to keep track and use especially for this moment in my life that I''m premenopausal and have my menstrual ...."

- "Good period calendar. Nice app. Easy can see my menstruation cycle."

Features in ONE DISPLAY:
✓ Length of menstrual cycle, period, and fertile window
✓ Easily view the number of days until fertile window, regular days, and expected period
✓ Know when you are fertile with arrow pointing at yellow circles

✓ Period notification
✓ Fertile notification
✓ Automatic and accurate prediction of your period, ovulation, fertility (excellent for activity planning)
✓ Fine tune your period calendar automatically along the way
✓ Detection of iPhone time change


Period Calendar / Tracker for Grownup adopts an improved Standard Days Method, which has a method failure rate of < 5% per year.

The symptoms-based methods has a method failure rate of 2% per year. But users need to track basal body temperatures and cervical mucus everyday at particular hour. And since irregular sleep can interfere with the accuracy of basal body temperatures, women who sleep late at night may not be able to use those methods.

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