Al Quran Audio + Urdu Terjma

Al Quran Audio + Urdu Terjma
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(10.059k total ratings on Google Play)


Read the Holy Quran in Arabic alongside its translation. This app provides you with the full Qur''an as well as its full English and Urdu translations along with a full set of audio recitation files. All features are fully enabled and there is no expiration date on this app. No Limitations!

Quran Karim App offers you verse by verse audio playback, rules, repeat functions, bookmarks, tags, search, excellent navigational controls, a side by side English and Urdu translations, Quran audio recitation with Urdu translation and much more.

Quran e Kareem, A true book from Allah. Every Muslim should listen and recite Koran. Complete Audio of Al-Quran Kareem (114 Surah) with nice recitation by Waheed Zafar Qasmi with Urdu Translation in audio. Beautiful Arabic font and Urdu Translation of Coran.

اردو ترجمہ کے ساتھ مکمل قرآن کریم کی تلاوت

Verse by verse synchronized recitation audio of Quran and Translation in voice of Waheed Zafar Qasmi and shamshad Khan.

Easy and fast Surah Index List with Surah details like Para, Total Ayah, Ruku and Juz etc. Also described the Maki/Madni category.

Compact version which works online. It downloads the data from server automatically in your SD card and saves for the next time use. Recite and Learn the Quran anywhere and everywhere. Quran is a true Islamic book for moslems.

Key Features of this App:
* Change Arabic/Translation Text Size
* Unlimited Bookmarking
* Change Text/Background Colors
* Easy and fast Surah Index List
* Surah details like Para, Maki/Madni, Total Ayah, Ruku etc.
* Option to view only Arabic or with Translation
* Many other customization options.
* iQuran has been designed to work on all Android devices.

Verse by verse synchronized recitation audio in voice of:
> Waheed Zafar Qasmi (Quran Reciter)
> Shamshad Khan (Urdu Translation Audio)
> English Translation By Dr. Mohsin

Al Quran Karim, Complete Quran synchronized in your own Language! Quran, Islam, Islamic, Koran, Qur''an, Muslim, Digital Quran, Mushaf, Quran Majeed

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