Vibrating Metronome

Vibrating Metronome
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SynthDrums / Music
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(200 total ratings on Google Play)


Used in Studios Across The Country!

ATTN! *Only for Phones above 1.6 OS! Please do not download if you are running 1.5!*

Find out what is taking recording studios across the country
by storm! Our Vibrating Metronome is a much needed tool for
recording artists or anybody that is tired of hearing the damn click!

Using vibration our metronome puts your body into the groove of the music, it''s like somebody poking you to the rhythm, which frees your ears to concentrate on more pressing matters like your TONE!

*Turn it on and keep it in your shirt pocket for best vibration response, although any sensitive spot on your body will work. Try placing between your folded legs or under your thigh, Each person is different, experiment!

*Currently Tested and working perfectly on ALL android devices running above 1.6 OS!

* Although this is a ''Lite" version there is no annoying lag screen. Use as is for as long as you like, but upgrade to receive a no ads version with an option to change time signatures.

Hear what others are saying:

"We were trying to record drum tracks in the studio and the click track had to be really loud... we were getting bleed in the mics! this really saved us, and best of all NO BLEED!"

-Frank Rhodes

"Practicing violin with a click is grading on my ears, but with the gentle vibrations it is almost like my heart is beating with the rhythm, truly a revolutionary improvement, it lets me focus on the way my playing sounds."

-Tina Chin (vagina monologues)

"I keep this in my pocket while I play drums, my band thinks I''ve got amazing rhythm, little do they know I have a little helper!!"

-Tom Marsbaugh

"when I practice singing I hold it in my hands, it really puts my whole body in the groove and I FEEL it, I get much better vocal takes this way, and I can FINALLY concentrate on my tone and my timing at the same time."

-Julia Kardon

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Thank you, and happy rehearsing/recording!

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