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Chinese cookbook is a favourite cuisine for all regions. The variety of rices is one of the specialty of Chinese cuisine. Fried rice and noodles are the common dish which is famous all over the world. There are special food recipes called Indian Chinese food recipes. There are special Chinese soup recipes which comes under the category of Healthy recipes. Different styles of cooking influence Chinese food. Szechuan food recipes is sort of style which come under this category. The style cooking varies according to resources, history, climate etc. The flavor of the recipes varies on the use of garlics, shallots, lots of chillies and spices. Chinese rice is the staple food of regions having rice cultivation. Rice is also used for the preparation of beer, wine and vinegar. The quick cooking method involves retaining nutrients in the dishes. Tofus are made of soybeans. Chinese noodles in are available in dry form and fresh form with different shape and textures. For the authentic cooking use soy milk, soy paste, soy oil etc. There are Chinese recipes which are made of some authentic vegetables in china like cabbage eg. cabbage clear water soup. Vegetables that are used in Chinese recipe are leaves, bitter melon, Chinese broccoli. There are wide variety of pickled vegetables. There are many Chinese chicken recipe which can be easily prepared. It will be a special to tell your friends that i can cook Chinese recipes very quickly with this cook book.

App Features

-- recipe search with directions of preparation and ingredients
-- Search recipes from ingredients or dish name
-- calculated Preparation time
-- add ingredients to the shopping list
-- pictures to illustrate how dish looks
-- Browse and share complete menus for special occasions and everyday meals.

This cookbook app will provide you a wide variety of tasty dishes. There are massive health benefits to using the tasty trio - garlic is good for the heart, ginger aids digestion and chillies are full of vitamins. Prawn crackers are often consumed as snacks. To deepen flavours and enrich stews and stocks, Chinese tradition champions dried ingredients, such as mushrooms, shrimps, clams, herbs and spices. There are italian and spanish restaurants in China. Chinese chicken have great varieties. Chinese recipes and Indian recipes have great bond. There are very tasty side dishes, pasta dishes and chicken dishes in food network of china. The main similarity in Indian dishes and Chinese dish is in the case of rice dishes. Italian dish and Chinese food love pasta dishes. There are special cooking for babies called baby cook which very little amount of spices and which are really tasty and healthy. Now days in the list of Fast food Chinese food comes in first place with it special easy recipes. Good food should be done with best food delivery. Slow cooker recipes and casserole recipes are meant for fast and easy cooking. Chinese people usually have very lite for dinner recipes like salad recipes and soup recipes. There are wide varieties of salad recipes and soup recipes which vary according to the climatic conditions and region. There are beef recipes in Chinese food and the main item is Chili beef. Pork recipes are comparatively less when compared to beef recipes.
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