Duplicate Manager

Duplicate Manager
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Duplicate Manager

Easiest way to find duplicates files and contacts in your phone.

Features summary:
1) Find duplicate files,
2) Delete duplicate files,
3) Move duplicate files to a new location,
4) Find duplicate contacts,
5) Delete duplicate contacts(by name or phone numbers),
6) Merge duplicate contacts

Duplicate Files:
Most of the time we don''t care about space when we transfer\backup data to the phone as we have smart phones with lots of memory. By doing this, we also store lots
of duplicate files unwillingly. The most common files are Music, video or document. It is very difficult to find the duplicates manually as same file may exists with different names.
This tool finds duplicate file on the basis of its contents without caring about the file name.
You can delete the duplicate files directly or move them to a different directory.
You can preview the files before doing a action.

Duplicate contacts:
Importing phone numbers from SIM card or from
email accounts may results in duplicate contacts. Same phone number may exist
in two different contacts. Or multiple duplicate phone numbers may exist some with
country code and some without country code. This tool finds all the identical
phone numbers and also those which are same but looked different due to the country codes.

You can also find duplicate contacts on the basis of contact name. The app will look for the contacts with same name.

Delete Operation (Delete Files\Delete Contacts):
Search result contains both original and duplicates files\contacts. So please be careful before doing a delete operation. Please select only that file\contact which you want to delete. Deleting all will also delete the original file\contact.

* Delete file action can be performed only from the Details screen.
In Results screen, press any button to go to the Details screen where files are listed. Select the check boxes corresponding to the files you want to delete. By pressing the "Delete Selected" button you can delete the files you have selected.

Delete Contact deletes the complete contact. If you want to delete\update the particular phone number of a contact expand the row and select the contact. It will take you to the android''s default contact browser. You can edit the contact by pressing the standard menu button.

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