Hill Climb Truck Racing

Hill Climb Truck Racing
(16k total ratings on Google Play)
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(16k total ratings on Google Play)


Hi Everybody,

We would like to introduce you with Hill Climb Truck Racing game !!

You''ll race against time. There is an old truck which is the everywhere of it is dirty and rusty. But don''t worry it''s break is quite ok, and it is a very strong and safety vehicle. Are you ready to be on a new adventure on land and hard roads with this old banger? You will be a transporter on hard and long roads. You must bring the loads to the area you must bring without damage them anymore. If you can bring all loads on time and completely, you can get more points and more virtual money.

In the game, you must pass on hard mountain roads and left loads to the wanted area. Every section is between 5 and 10 playing minutes far. Of course you will go on among very hard conditions as different area, mountains, volcanos, lakes and seas. You wil carry sometimes military materials and sometimes hazadous materials. So you must be more careful according to the material you carry.

Climbing up the steep ramps may not be as easy as you think. Your truck is in an old model and it won''t be strong enough on steep points or on muddy roads. If you are a master driver, you must be know how to pass these kind of roads. Height level is in a scary point, so if you look at down you may have an accident.

How to Play The Game?

You are simulating the truck and the wheel in the game. You can move the truck with gas, break and reverse gear. You can test your driving skills with virtual wheel. You will meet hard roads, long ways, steep ramps. You must reach the loads to the asked area on time.

This game is produced for players in all ages. Now it is on Android and Google Paly too.
If you meet with an error, please let us know it. We will solve the problem in the soonest time.

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