Shift Cal - Cuadra Turnos Free

Shift Cal - Cuadra Turnos Free
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(770 total ratings on Google Play)


Shift Cal - Cuadra Turnos is an essential app designed for people with shift work.
This app will help you manage and organize your work schedule in a simple and intuitive way and lets you take it in your ANDROID mobile phone or tablet.
- PRO VERSION - No ads.
- Create your own work calendar from the ''Settings'' screen by clicking ''Generate work calendar'' option and setting up a pattern.
- Generate a predefined work calendar from the ''Settings'' screen by clicking ''predefined work calendars'' option.
- Set your work shift in a particular day: just do a long click in that day in the calendar and choose among the different types of day available.
- PRO VERSION - You can set up to 3 shifts per day.
- PRO VERSION - Zoom in on a cell by clicking on it.
- Create and modify all types of day you need: From the Type of day option in the Settings screen, which is accessed by clicking the Menu key in your device.
- App comes with the following types of day already created (T-working, TF-Working in holiday, L-Day off, LF Day off in holiday, V-holidays). These types of day can not be deleted but they are fully modifiable (Abbreviation, Description, Color, ...).
- PRO VERSION - Create as many work calendars as you need (peers, family, ...) from the ''Settings'' screen by clicking ''Profiles'' option.
- PRO VERSION - Manages day types, patterns and notes independently in each profile.
- PRO VERSION - Types of day and patterns can be imported from one profile to other.
- Choose the profile notes to show in the Calendar Tab from Settings - Show notes.
- PRO VERSION - Compare work calendars of the existing profiles from the ''Settings'' screen by clicking ''Compare Work Calendars'' option.
- PRO VERSION - Quick access buttons to menu, compare profiles and change profile at the top of the main screen.
- What about a desktop widget? You can choose from several sizes: 2x1, (VERSION PRO) 4x1, 4x2 y 4x4.
- Manage daily data fields: You can set the visibility and order of data fields in working days and in days off.
- PRO VERSION - It''s allow to create new daily data fields and also editing existing data daily fields.
- You will find statistics of days and hours worked in STATISTICS tab.
- Control your shift changes and the partner with whom you do it from the CHANGES tab, the calendar displays a small icon in the day on which you have made ​​a shift change.
- Control overtime you make. The calendar displays a small icon in the day on which you have made overtime, you will find summary information at the bottom of the CALENDAR tab and information in more detail in OVERTIME tab.
- Write down as many notes as you need for each day of the week and you can even set a start and end time for each note as if it were an organizer. The calendar displays a small mark in the day on which you have notes.
- PRO VERSION - Set notifications in the notes to be notified on the date and time specified.
- You will have an overview of your year calendar: To access, simply click the Menu key in your device and choose Year View.
- You can export and import your data: you can make backups of your data and restore them whenever you want, even in different devices. Backup files are compatible with all Shift Cal - Cuadra Turnos apps.
- PRO VERSION - To recover data from the Free version just export the data from the Free version and restore it in the PRO version.
- Screenshot: generates a jpg image of the tab in which you are or year view which you can share via bluetooth, email, whatsapp ...

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