Push The Box

Push The Box
(1700 total ratings on Google Play)
Salman Apps / Puzzle
Downloads: 100k
(1700 total ratings on Google Play)


Push the box is a spatial strategy game in which the objective is to put all crates in their correspondent spots by pushing them using the machines at your disposal.

At first it might seem like your typical "escape" puzzle but the rules and gameplay are actually kind of original and you will find yourself thinking and trying to figure out the best way of solving the puzzle. There are 12 levels and more than 7000 maps which will keep increasing the difficulty as you advance.

As for the modes, you can play the challenge mode so as to put your pressure skills into test and find out how quick can you be. On the other hand, if you''d rather play a slower game, choose Relax mode instead and forget about the pressure.

Two game modes are available:
1. Challenge mode - Master your puzzle skill trying to solve each puzzle in as little number of moves as possible. The better your performance the more stars you collect!
2. Relax mode - Choose this mode if you just want to have fun solving the puzzle and don''t want to feel the pressure when looking at the moves count increasing with each move!

Are you already a fan of hard brain games like Unblock Me, Sokoban or Plumber? If the answer is yes this means you don''t like to have your brain running idle in which case this is a perfect game for you!

There are banner Ads in the game. If you like to remove them you can pay 99 cent from inside the app.


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