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Weapon Builder
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(21.422k total ratings on Google Play)


Weapon Builder is a fun app that allows the user to build a custom weapon on their Android device and export it as a graphic to share.

Some key highlights of the application include;
+ Choose from over 100 different parts
+ Save your build so you can reload it at a later time and continue working on it
+ Share your build as an image file across social media sites, email or text message
+ Move items freely (no snapping) around the screen
+ Pinch to zoom into specific areas
+ Place items on top or behind other items on the screen by using the bring up or send back feature
+ Rotate and Flip items
+ Intuitive options menu is activated when an item is selected
+ Color picker menu to change item colors
Pro (Ad-free) version is available with over 350 parts! It is available at;
Pistol Builder available on the app store at;
-------Update Info--------
02Mar2014 - Version 26: Major update, added style features that allow you to style your weapon as you see fit.
18Feb2014 - Version 23: Added a button dedicated to adding magazines to your build
Fixed bug causing images to save twice
16Feb2014 - Version 22: Added 14 new receivers including more bolt action rifles
Fixed bug causing flipped items not to save their flipped state on loading a saved build
16Feb2014 - Version 21:
+Fixed bug causing database to crash app, sadly any old save games will have to be recreated
15Feb2014 - Version 19:
+ Added color picker to change item colors (this isn''t perfect as it shades the item but there is some creative functionality it adds)
+ Added ability to input name for save builds
+ Modified options menu to display at top of the screen on smaller device screens
+ Fixed various bugs causing app to crash on some devices
15Feb2014 - Version 17: Fixed save build bug causing a single barrel to constantly load
13Feb2014 - Version 16: MAJOR update
+ Improved movement controls
+ Scale images on demand using pinch gesture
+ Rotate images on demand using gesture (must enable the items rotate toggle)
+ Removed zoom screen due to ability to scale each item independently
+ Improved screen layout added menu to bottom
+ Removed drag to trashcan to remove item, now just tap item and tap remove
09Feb2014 - Version 15: Minor bug fix
10Feb2014 - Version 14: Added 23 new items including multiple scopes.
Added pinch to zoom functionality.
Scaled the items so they would fit better on smaller screens
09Feb2014 - Version 13: Addressed bug causing an ad to constantly pop up after being closed
06Feb2014 - Version 12: Fixed bug causing app to crash occasionally, added tweak to assist in moving small items
06Feb2014 - Version 11: Added a rotate and flip function for items, added a few more items for content
Weapon images courtesy of Dr.Noob at http://pimpmygun.doctornoob.com

Keywords: Gun, rifle, gun maker, gun builder, creative weapon

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