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Scansfer Payments allows you to quickly and easily generate PayPal Payment request bar codes on your phone. To collect the money, you simply have the person paying you scan the bar code on your screen using ANY QR bar code scanner from ANY type of smart phone (the person paying doesn''t need to have the app installed).

All of the payment information, including your paypal account, the amount and a brief description, are encoded in the bar code. After the bar code is scanned, the user is instantly taken to a PayPal checkout page to complete the transaction.

What is it good for? Here are some examples:

1. Suppose you are having a yard sale or selling something on Craigslist, and the person shows up to buy something, but they don’t have enough cash. You can ask them if they have a PayPal account, and if they say yes, have them scan your phone to send you the money.
2. Say you have an office pool or coffee club, and you need to collect money from everyone. Just enter the information into the Scansfer Payments app and then go around the office having everyone scan your phone.
3. Imagine if you were having a fundraiser for a charity or a special group. Visit http://scansfer.com and generate PayPal Payment QR codes for offline publishing. Print the QR codes on flyers and posters, and you can collect donations from people on the streets (or anywhere) by having them scan the bar codes with their phones.

What do you need to use it?
1. Both parties must have a PayPal account
2. Both parties must have an Internet connection to use (3g/4g or wifi)
3. The person requesting Payment needs to have Scansfer Payments (or regular Scansfer), the person paying needs to have a bar code scanner

What''s the difference between Scansfer and Scansfer Payments?

Scansfer Payments is a lite version of the full Scansfer app for users who are primarily interested in the Payments feature. For more features, see regular Scansfer.

Visit our website http://scansfer.com for more information or to generate offline QR codes

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