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Welcome to the Post-PC Floor-Plan revolution!

MagicPlan can only function for devices equipped with a full gyroscope, a front camera and Android 4.X.

The issue is that some manufacturers advertise their devices with a gyroscope, although this is untrue. To check if your device has a full gyroscope, I invite you to download an app that lists sensors (For example: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=imoblife.androidsensorbox).

If your device meets all these requirements MagicPlan can run on it. This does not mean that MagicPlan has been calibrated and is ready to use. Although we are validating devices as fast as we can, MagicPlan offers a manual calibration procedure for the "not yet validated" devices.

If you run into problems when trying the application for the first time, it is likely a "device calibration" issue, not a MagicPlan issue. Please contact support@sensopia.com, as we''d love to help.

Thank you for your understanding

MagicPlan MEASURES your rooms and DRAWS your floor plan, simply by using the camera on your device. It''s as easy as taking a picture!

Your floor-plan is then exported in PDF, JPG, and DXF format, or can be published in an interactive web version.

For personal use: Free
- Limited access to objects
- Limited formats (PDF + JPG + Web)
- Export with watermarks
- Private & Non-Commercial Use Only;

For professional/commercial use: Paid
- All objects
- All format (PDF + JPG + Web + DXF)
- No Watermarks
- Commercial & Public Use.

Pricing is either per-floor-plan or on a subscription basis, detailed here: http://sensopia.com/english/pricing.html

MagicPlan leverages the sensors (gyroscope and accelerometer) and the camera in the device. For each device, MagicPlan needs to be calibrated to function properly.

If your device is not supported but equipped to run the capture, you can calibrate yourself before we support your device.

Prior to Android availability, MagicPlan on iOS has been:
• Downloaded by 5 MILLION fans.
• Named "Best of the year, 2012" in 3 countries
• App of the Week in 93 countries.
• #1 iPhone Utilities in 64 countries.
• #1 iPad Utilities in 79 countries.

"Unbelievable! The ease and accuracy is amazing. It’s like indoor GPS! This definitely is one of the most astonishing iOS apps ever." - Jim Washok

"Amazing! - Probably the best app I''ve seen. Accurate, easy to use, and very very useful. A fantastic tool." - Lindsaym22

"The cat''s Meow! - This is a fantabulous app. I am a contractor, and drawing and dimensioning jobsite drawings will never be the same! Stand in the middle of the room, point, click, point, click......You''ve got a dimensioned floor plan. Yee Haw!" - Ccm12346789

"Unbelievable!! - I am trained from one of the best engineering schools in the US and have used 3D modeling software costing $1000''s before. Blows me away how easy to use this is!" - GregMessler

MagicPlan technology is based upon a MULTIPLE PATENT PENDING technology leveraging the gyroscope.

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