Watch on Screen LITE

Watch on Screen LITE
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(6900 total ratings on Google Play)


Live Wallpaper Watch on Screen LITE

Live wallpaper app is a projection of watch on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. Unlike similar widgets, wallpaper does not take up space on the screen and constantly visible even when the phone is locked.

As a graphic design uses high-resolution textures. Images of watches and their various elements carefully chosen designer and are a collective manner watch from different manufacturers.

Each element of the wallpaper can be customized to your liking, or select one of the predefined themes in advance.
Another important feature is the presence of the live wallpaper night display modes with automatic switching. This allows you to focus more on the time in the dark.
The application is available many user settings.
Below is a list of customization options:

1. Predefined theme. You can select one of those specially selected by designer.
2. Night mode. This is a checkbox to switch the display mode of the night hours. When enabled, the automatic change of day and night is not working.
3. Day and night alternation. This switch activates the automatic change of the time of day.
4. Day. Setting the timing of switching from night to day.
5. Night. Setting the timing of switching from day to night.
6. Background. Ability to select the background wallpaper (watch strap).
7. Prospect. Switch activate prospects - making background volume.
8. Rotation. Rotation strap when the orientation of the device changed.
9. Watch case. You can select one of the following registration of watch.
10. The watch dial. Selecting digits.
11. Background of watch.
12. The watch glass. Selecting the reflection on the glass.
13. Glass. Switch the display glass on the clock.
14. Minute and hour hands. Setting the arrows to choose different options.
15. Second hand.
16. Mode of movement of the hands. Discrete or continuous movement of arrows on a circle.
17. Scaling. Ability to change the clock size.
18. Alignment of hours on the edges of the screen.
19. Panel date. Selection panel shape dates
20. Show day.
21. Show day of the week.


How to set a wallpaper: Press Home -> long press on the screen -> select Live wallpapers -> select the wallpaper Watch on Screen LITE

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