7notes with mazec-10day trial

7notes with mazec-10day trial
(240 total ratings on Google Play)
MetaMoJi Corp. / Productivity
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(240 total ratings on Google Play)



The most powerful handwriting recognition to your smatphone for free!
You can use full features for a ten-day free trial period.
Even after the expiration, you can continue to use it as a handwriting note-taking app.

Please note ====================================================
We have some reports that registration is failed on some device models after installing the trial version.
If you fail to register, please try it again using WIFI.
Or try the registration using the 3G connection while setting WIFI ON.

A popular note-taking app "7notes" in the iOS version has been well received for the speed and accuracy of handwriting recognition.
The Android version of "7notes" is now available as a handwriting input app for the Android OS.
The app can be used for a variety of applications such as e-mail, Twitter, and Evernote.

You can try full features within 10 days.
The notes and dictionaries that you have created in the trial version will be able to migrate to the product (paid) version.
In addition, after the expiration, you can continue to use it as a handwriting note-taking app for free.
(If you wish to continue using handwriting recognition, please purchase the product version.)

■ ■ 7 features of "7notes with mazec" ■ ■
(1) Amazing speed and accuracy of conversion
7notes can convert your handwriting to text with speed and accuracy that you have never experienced.
This feature will make you free from annoying small keyboard or flick input to provide a comfortable input environment.

(2) Conversion of mixed Kanjis and Hiraganas
Writing Hiraganas can be recognized as complicated Kanjis.
For example, writing "Kaigi" ("kai" in Kanji and "gi" in Hiragana) can be converted to "meeting".
The feature will guide you to a stress-free input environment.

(3) Cross application handwriting recognition available
The handwriting recognition can be used within other Android applications such as e-mail, Twitter, blogging apps, thanks to the mazec technology (available as a Japanese IME).

(4) Convert handwritten notes to digital text on-demand
Your handwritten letters can be converted to digital text later.
This feature is very effective when you take a note at a meeting.

(5) Seamless editing for handwriting and digital text
In 7notes, you can enter both handwritten letters and font text seamlessly.

(6) Connect to other applications
You can easily export notes to e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and other applications such as Evernote.
The Evernote Enhancement add-on (paid) will allow you to load and store a note in Evernote.

(7) Mushrooms
The app also supports mushrooms which are familiar in Android.
You can use a variety of mushroom apps such as pictograms, symbols, and e-mail addresses.

■ ■ How to Use ■ ■
Install the trial version of "7notes with mazec" and start the app.
Then set up "mazec Conversion" following instructions on the screen.
The following online manual is available:

■ ■ Operating Conditions ■ ■
Conform your device model and installation conditions for "7notes with mazec".

■ ■ License Agreement ■ ■
Read carefully the "License Agreement" before you purchase.
*If you download the app, you will be deemed to have accepted the terms of the License Agreement.

■ ■ Notes ■ ■
- This application is a trial version available within 10 days.
- You can check the full features before purchase.
- After the expiration, the handwriting recognition cannot be used. However, you can continue to use the other features.

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